Wordpress Vs Daylite For Mac

Implementing changes to your WordPress website can be a nerve-wracking experience, particularly if those changes involve major features. Compatibility issues might arise between plugins, or your database might start bugging out.

  1. Wordpress Vs Daylite For Mac Reviews

Yes, another ironic Mac vs PC post. WordPress bloggers love the Mac. That’s a fact. Because they don’t like to waste their time! I’ve used Macs and PCs for almost 20 years, so I’ll try to point out some of the top reasons why you should switch to Mac:. Macs don’t need an anti-virus software.

Wordpress Vs Daylite For Mac

And anti-virus software is a BAD thing! Think at it.Anti-virus softwareis a virus: – It slows down a bit your computer, wich will continuously run some virus monitoring processes – It wakes up by itself trying to desperately update it’s virus database, slowing down your computer even more and consuming bandwidth (wich is not always free especially if you’re accessing the Internet via mobile modem) – It socially spreads itself: every PC user is aware that anti-virus software is necessary. – It costs you money every year that could be spent elsewhere. What kind of satisfaction do you get in purchasing an anti-virus?. Macs run Windows, if you need to.

PCs are not able to run Mac Os. Unless you heavily patch MacOs, illegally. Mac hardware is very similar to your average PC – but it allows to run natively Windows and Mac Os.

Wordpress vs daylite for mac reviews

If you buy a Mac and end up disliking the Mac Os, no problemo. Macs cost you less money when you need to upgrade them. If you know, you can easily understand that the best way to upgrade your computer.is to replace it with a new one! And selling your one year old Mac will be very easy. Selling your old grey PC, or even your shiny laptop pc, with the endless combination of models available, won’t be as fast, and you’ll recover a lower percentage of the initial investment. I change my Apple laptop every six months since 5 years ago.

This costs me around 20% of the retail price. Try to do the same with a PC. Most decent software is available for the Mac OS.

Most crap is ony available for PCs. If you ever had a chance to see what the average guy’s PC looks like, you might have seen tons of useless search bars, widgets, useless crap applications wich fall into the spyware category. The average guy’s Mac is only filled with documents on the desktop. Macs read your PC documents on your external USB drive. This makes moving documents very easy. If your Mac has a firewire port, guess what. If you press the T key while booting, the Mac itself turns into an external firewire hard drive.

This feature is fabulous – very handy for moving huge loads of data from two laptops with just a firewire cable – and it’s there in every single Macsince almost 10 years. Quite a long time. I’ve yet to see a PC doing this. And if a PC will ever be able to do so, it won’t be YOUR PC. Is always around, you bet it!. Macs double up as a media center that – guess what – simply work out of the box.

Just purchase the 20$ Apple Remote. Connect your Mac to your TV via HDMI, and you just have a free Apple TV! But I wanted to get one, and you might want it as well, if you don’t like to move your Mac around your house. The Mac Os requires NO WEIRD ACTIVATION PROCEDURES, and doesn’t make you a single question during the operating system installation process.

Strange but true if you’re used to Windows. Less dumb questions. I bet you don’t like people who make dumb questions. How can you enjoy the Windows OS? Installing applications on Vista, or removing them, is a much longer process than on a Mac, where dragging an icon is the single thing you need to do in most cases. And what about removing an application?

Drag it into the trashcan. A free Mac app wich can make a bootable copy of your drives – so easy you’ll be surprised coming from Norton Ghost or similar PC software.

This means that making a full bootable backup of your drive is an easy task you’ll end up doing much more often, with great effects on your mental health in case of hard disk failure. Remember, hard drives are never 100% reliable, so better be safe than sorry! We forget too often that our beloved machines are not perfect.

Have you ever seen? I hope this list can be useful to some switchers in order to give it a try! Your mind deserves MacOs, believe me.SIDEBAR Now if you have a Mac and are a WordPress user, why not give my Mac VS PC widget a try? You can preview it on my sidebar. Try to visit the page with a PC, and with a Mac. All of the above I actually laughed at.

Having been forced for the last couple of years to work on these sub par rip-offs I can safely say that working on Windows based PCs (macs are PCs too, you braindead ape) is nowhere near as stressful. My 5 year old laptop transfers files to external storage nearly 10 times faster than the brand new iMacs, and still far quicker than any macbook.

Wordpress Vs Daylite For Mac

Wordpress Vs Daylite For Mac Reviews

Not to mention the crashes when handling anything larger than 1Gb in transfers. As a media based course student, the mainstream media would tell you that using macs would make my life a dream. They cannot handle anything larger than a word document without constantly causing needless hassle and shooting themselves in the ballsack with read/write transfer rates. But of course all you hipsters do is write blogs and word documents.