Where Can I Buy A Halo: Combat Evolved For Mac


You guys have probably heard about the rumours of Halo coming to steam. Now I feel like playing Halo Combat Evolved again. Anyone know where I can buy a new copy online?

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They do work on Windows 10. CE works really well, has no FPS cap (animations capped at 30), and can be tweaked with open sauce. The latest patch removed the GameSpy requirement and doesn't require the disc after patch 1.08 I think it was.

As for Halo 2, it also works on Windows 10, but limit the FPS to 60 or less or the game stutters like crazy. I think the Live master server went down a few years ago though. Disc isn't required here either. No need to buy either of them now. Halo: Combat Evolved is the normal game with normal campaign and normal multiplayer. Halo: Custom Edition is the same thing except no campaign and the multiplayer includes support for user-created maps (fun!).

There is no need to do anything special with these games - if you download them, they'll probably just work. Halo 2's multiplayer was rid of a while ago by Micropenis, and now there is a mod called Project Cartographer that has recreated multiplayer.


Where Can I Buy A Halo Combat Evolved For Mac Free


Also, I have played all of these games on Windows 10.