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  1. Voobly is a network that brings gamers together and enables them to play a wide range of strategy games and first-person shooters that date from a few years back. Its client provides an intuitive and straightforward means of interaction between those who are eager to play against a human opponent, something that’s a bit of a privilege considering just how old the games are.
  2. Select the PC or Mac tabs above to help you with the rest of the install process. If the Microsoft account or work or school account isn't working, see I forgot the username or password for the account I use with Office.

This guide is mostly aimed at players that haven't used Voobly yet. I still see people struggling to set this up, especially regarding hotkeys and the WololoKingdoms Mod. If you're already familiar with it and just want to know how to play the HD expansions on Voobly, look at part 5.

What is Voobly and why should you consider using it? Voobly is a gaming client that is used for playing Age of Empires 2 - Simply put, it works much smoother (less bugs, crashes, restore works, improved pathfinding etc.) than the HD edition, has actual support (by volunteers!) that care and if you own the Steam DLCs, you can now even play the expansions on it! Also, this doesn't change anything for your HD installation - you can still normally play via Steam. It should be noted that the overall level of play is higher on Voobly, and ratings are not directly comparable (A HD player with 1600 Elo will roughly be around 1100) - But don't get discouraged, in the New Player Lobby, you should still find enough players at your level. Tip: In teamgames, players with 0 games played are not always welcome unfortunately - It's a good idea to host a 1v1 lobby for you first game yourself, else you might have to search around for a bit. Note: This guide is for windows. For Mac, if you use AoE/Steam via Bootcamp, I think it should also work.

Voobly 1.0 See all If you want to play games and socialize with other people regarding your game issues and other concerns, then Voobly can be a solution for you.

I don't have any experience with a Mac though. In this case, or if you encounter some other error that's not supposed to happen - Don't give up just yet go here: Voobly has very competent tech support that should help you out. Check the stickies to see if there's anything that helps you there, else create a thread detailing your problem and you should get help quite soon:) 1. Installing Voobly If you don't have a Voobly account yet, go to and sign up. Download the Voobly client (Download button is directly on the homepage) and install it. Setting up an AoC installation. If you have the original CD, you can install that if you want.

There seem to be a few fringe cases where the CD installation works better, but for the most part there's no difference between the CD and the Steam version with compatibility patch. If you only have the steam version, make sure it's installed and you've let it run once. The easiest way to get a working AoC installation based on the steam version is using this tool: (See for more information) For both versions, what you should do now is to start the Voobly client and sign in with your account. It will open a game browser with a side bar on the right where you can choose between a number of different lobby rooms.

Choose any of the AoC Lobby rooms, such as the New Player Lobby (NPL). Voobly should automatically recognize your game installation and offer to update your game with UserPatch. Let it do that (will only take a few seconds).

If you use the steam version and haven't used the tool linked above, it will offer to download a compatibility patch. Say yes, wait for the download to complete. (Note: If the automatic download doesn't work, you can use this link: unfortunately the old link given in the client is outdated) A new window with the installer for the compatibility patch will open. Make sure the path the installer suggests is the HD installation path (Remove /New Folder at the end if it is there) In the lobby room, you can click „quick host“ at the top to open a new game lobby.

Do that now, it will open a new window for it. In the game lobby, click „game“ in the top menu bar and select „start in single player menu“. Click the green button on the left to launch the game.

In the game, click on options to get a prompt to enter a name for a new profile. You can also select the resolution you want to play the game in. After that, you can exit the game.

You now are all set up for your first game! Changing Hotkeys Note: If you plan on installing the WololoKingdoms mod, it comes with the option to port your HD hotkeys, so no need to do this manually now.

Aoe2tools above also allows for easy adjustment of hotkeys. Your hotkeys are initialized to the standard set of the CD version (different from the standard hotkeys on HD). If you just want to make a few adjustments, you can do that in-game under options→hotkeys. If you want to use the standard Hotkeys of the HD version, the easiest way is to install the „“ mod. Custom Hotkeys: If you want to use a different set of hotkeys, the best way is to copy the.hki file.

If you want to use the hotkeys you have for your steam installation, go to C: Program Files(x86) Steam steamapps common Age2HD profiles. Usually, you'll find only a player0.hki file there.

Voobly Client Download For MacAge of empires voobly

In case there are more.hki files, take the one that has edited most recently, it should have your current set of hotkeys. If you want to make a new set, I recommend using. It's a browser editor for hotkeys that's a lot easier to use than the in-game one, and it also allows you to use the same hotkey for different functions which can be very useful.

You can also find a lot of presets from other players there, or upload your own and make some edits. Stubbs the zombie for mac. Once you're done, you can click „generate hotkeys“ to download the new.hki file. One way or another, we now have the.hki file, now we just need to paste it in the main game folder (so for the CD version, that's usually C: Program Files(x86) Microsoft Games Age of Empires, for steam+comp. Patch C: Program Files(x86) Steam steamapps common Age2HD).

Voobly Client

You might already have a.hki file in there (usually player1.hki), in that case rename the new file to that filename and replace the old file with it. If there's no.hki file, use player1.hki as a filename. That's all – your custom hotkeys are now set. You can start a single player game to make sure it works. You might notice your hotkeys react slightly more slowly than on HD - This is because hotkeys in the original game are registered on key release instead of key press. However, this is fixed with Userpatch 1.5 4. Installing Mods Voobly offers many mods with an easy installation process.

Simply go here: and you can choose which mods to install. Visual or Content Mods are graphical enhancements and similar that you can use without affecting other players. I personally use Advanced Grid, Fixed Wall Foundations, Small Trees. If you want to install a mod, all you need to do is click „download now“ on that page. Voobly will do the rest for you. If you're having trouble with downloading, try another browser.

In a game lobby, there's a „mods“ menu item in the top bar where you can see your currently installed mods and deactivate them if you want to. You can also install data mods – Once installed, you can click the „settings“ button next to the launch button in a game lobby to chosse which data mod to use for that game. In most cases, if a player joins a lobby that doesn't have that mod installed, Voobly will automatically transfer it. (But not in case of the AK mod) 5.

Installing the HD expansions mod for Vooby If you own the DLCs on Steam (The Forgotten, African Kingdoms, Rise of the Rajas), you can also play that on Voobly, but the installation process is a bit different to other data mods. Go to and download the WololoKingdoms.zip file of the latest release (which will be at the top). Once it has downloaded, right click the.zip file and choose „extract here“. This will unpack the converter.

Then, open the unpacked folder and run the WololoKingdoms.exe. It should find your HD installation automatically. With that, the mod is running and functional! It can be played rated in the regular Voobly lobbies. A few notes:. During the installation, you will also have the option to choose either to use your Voobly/AoC hotkeys, or your current HD hotkeys for this mod.

Forwarding ports) If you find you're often connected to others via a 'fast proxy', this means you have to forward the UDP 16000 Port of your router so Voobly can efficiently connect you. Here's information on how to do that: (7. Enabling Custom AI, Custom maps) For AoC, you can put any Ai files directly in the 'Ai' folder in the main Age of Empires directory. Random maps will go into. Random for AoC. Voobly Mods AOC Data Mods WololoKingdoms Script.RM for WololoKingdoms.

Let me know if this guide has helped you, if there are any other issues or suggestions to improve it! I'm not sure I understand your problem?

You should have one hotkey file in your main folder, so either directly in AGE2HD or under Age of Empires if using the CD version. Usually it's called player1.hki but might be different. This is the file that AoC/Voobly uses, so this is the one you want to replace. Either with your hotkeys from HD (which you'll find under Age2HD/Profiles), or by downloading a set from aokhotkeys. This new file will likely be called player0.hki, but again it might be different. The content doesn't depend on the file name though. Copy that file, rename the copy to the file name to what the set that Voobly is using at the moment is called, and then replace that file with it.

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Oh ok seems legit 11 The problem of VirtualBox, a complete Windows emulator, is that it needs imo lot more ressource than a simple emulator that only runs programms as Wine/PlayOnLinux (I am quite sure there is alternative for Mac OS, e.g. The compatibility may be better with a complete emulator, but I don't think it is that useful just for emulating Voobly/AoC. And furthermore, but I am really not sure, I guess you need a Windows product key to run it in VirtualBox, isn't?

(EDIT: but still seems like Voobly recommand a 'full' emlator, see ).