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Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. Quickfire is a simple to use, yet powerful video player with many useful tools. On the project who do not have editing software but need to review footage and provide notes at specific times. Kinda a deal breaker for on-camera work. Download and install the best free apps for Video Players on Mac from CNET Download.com, your trusted source for the top software picks.

About DVD and DVD Related Video Formats Digital Video Disc (DVD) refers to a format, designed for digital optical disc storage, developed by the joint effort of Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic in 1995, can be played by free DVD player software.18 generations including DVD-1 to DVD-18 ranging from DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW (plus), DVD-RAM, and read-only formats BD-ROM, DVD ROM, DVD-D, DVD Plus have come into being. Generally a complete DVD file consists videots and audiots, otherwise a DVD file can hardly be read by any of your DVD player software on computers.

The most advanced Blu-ray DVD and HD DVD provide amazing storage spaces up to 50GB and 30GB, and DVD DS DL can store up to 15.9GB, proving DVD actually one of the most ideal storage medium that cannot be easily replaced by digital cloud drive or hard-drive entirely. To that end, a professional DVD player software is a must-have in the coming couple of decades for Windows (10) or Mac (OS Sierra) computer. Back to the infant stage when DVDs are protected by CSS (Content Scrambling System), DVDs bought in Japan (region 2) cannot be played in America (region 1). However, as software develops and are on the market, downloading a region-free DVD player can cast away all region code restrictions. Once you obtain an all-in-one DVD player download for Windows 10 or Mac with DVD-capable optical drive, you can enjoy watching DVD videos on computers directly.

Video Player Software Discounts For Mac

Why We Play DVDs on Computer With Free DVD Player Software? Playing DVD on Windows/Mac computer grants the easiest control over audio and video, where you can take snapshots, rip and AirPlay DVD content to target devices. After the discontinuation of Windows Media Center on Windows 10, Windows DVD Player app has been designated as the official choice on Windows APP Store at an absurd price - $14.99, yet even without supports for Blu-ray. Also note that this fee-based DVD player for Windows 10 provides only x86 and x64 builds, and cannot be install on limited 10 devices. Therefore, we recommend you to jump out of these confines! Unlike GOM payer that needs the help of FFDSHOW codec, this free DVD player software for both Mac and Windows (10) has native supports for, Videots, iOS image and DVD folders, meaning even a missing of IFO won't bother your DVD playback. As one of the, this software is like a DVD region killer, as it almost ignores region coding by having direct access to the DVD's raw data to overcome CSS encryption.

At least 1-6 region code decoding and Disney DRM, Sony ARccOS, DVD CSS, decoding are 100% guaranteed. This freeware DVD player also supports 4K Blu-ray content, 360 degree and 3D DVD playback.

With hardware acceleration feature, this multiregional software DVD player can boost the file reading speed up to 30% faster and lower your CPU usage by 10% in general during playback. For bigger screen enjoyment, 5KPlayer also supports DVD content AirPlay streaming to HDTV (airplay-dvd.htm). When purchasing a DVD movie for watching isn't your first priority, use 5KPlayer video download utility for free 4K 3D movie download from over 300+ online sites. Though VLC media player also has titular DVD playback support, this free DVD player software runs into problems.

However, this doesn't mean that it's not adept at playing DVDs, VCDs, CDs, ISO images as well as VOB AVI MKV WMV MP4 videos and MP3 AAC WMA music. It plays, streams and records movies, YouTube live streams and enables you to play 3D DVD. It is power users' top choice for more advanced filters and robust playback ability. Once thing we like it most is its open to tweaks including additional codec pack/filters/equalizers attachment, very customizable. Leawo Blu-Ray Player Leawo Bluy-ray Player is another free DVD player software with an annual subscription cost of $39.95, it is able to play Blu-Ray/DVD discs, DVD folders, DVD ISO files and IFO files on both Windows and Mac. This DVD player supports all DVD playback with original quality remains, even including DVD discs from different places and countries.

It is a great DVD player software but still needs enhancement, because Leawo Bluy-ray Player is not always stable and sometimes has problems of no audio/sound when playing DVD/Blu-ray/Video files. Aside from playing DVD, Leawo also plays other HD video files with smooth quality, but the file management feature of this DVD player software is quite awful, browsing files is cumbersome and it is hard to create or customize your own video/music playback list. RealPlayer Plus RealPlayer is a widely used DVD player application which was even more popular before.

It is a free video and audio player for you to watch movies and listen to music with ease. To enable its DVD playback feature, you will need to purchase RealPlayer Plus or subscribe RealTimes. Besides, This DVD player software has other amazing functions as well, such as streaming, downloading and bookmarking online videos with the. Users of this multifunctional DVD player also have the ability to share media over social network sites such as Facebook and Google+ which helps users to communicate or socialize within the community., this program also gives you the access to convert files from one format to another. Windows DVD Player Windows DVD Player is a DVD Player software that Microsoft released as a replacement to.

If you upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium or Windows 8.1 with Media Center, you can get Windows DVD Player for free, otherwise, you have to play $14.99 to buy this DVD player program for Windows 10. Windows DVD Player can detect and load DVDs very fast once you have a DVD disc inserted, but this DVD player software was not smooth at switching between discs. This program does not support jumpstart playback with a play button, either.

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You will have to restart the app if it doesn't detect the DVD. It is true that other media player programs like Windows Media Player can also play DVDs, but just to be clear that Windows Media Player requires a compatible DVD decoder installed on your PC before it plays DVD disc. And DVD player software like Real Player which, is also a media player for Windows and Mac doing DVDs playback, but the truth is that you have to spend $ 35 to purchase RealPlayer Plus to enable the DVD playback function. So if you want to on your Windows 10 PC or Mac with a high quality and 100% free DVD player software, 5KPlayer is the peerless DVD player you should choose. Why Choose 5KPlayer as Best Free DVD Player Software?

5KPlayer is one of th ' which provides you with the best video and audio quality for DVD playback on Mac and PC. The built-in encoding engine keeps the original DVD video quality when playback locked DVDs as it plays the DVD original MPEG-2, VOB and ISO image with no quality loss. Moreover, you can feel free to select the audio track and subtitle track of DTS5.1 or Dolbys which will give you an overwhelming visual aural experience.

Plus, 5KPlayer supports ' which makes it more than qualified to play DVD movie at 720×480 (NTSC) or 720×576 (PAL). Last but certainly not least, this best DVD player for Windows & Mac has recently renewed its DVD playing function which enables you to ' play multi-region DVDs' without costing you a cent. Prepare a DVD player software. Free download DVD player software 5KPlayer by clicking the download button on this page, install and launch it on your Windows 10 PC/Mac. Load your DVD.Insert your DVD to the DVD drive and then click the '+ DVD' button on main UI of this DVD player software to load your DVD disc. 5KPlayer will automatically detect the DVD disc and pop up the DVD playback window.Alternatively, you can choose DVD disc/ISO image/VIDEOTS folder from the File menu.

This DVD player software offers you three ways to open a DVD media file: click the 'Video' on 5KPlayer's UI to add the file, drag'n drop the file to 5KPlayer, or right-click the DVD media file and choose Open with 5KPlayer. IFO files store control and playback information, like information about chapters, subtitles and audio tracks of a DVD video.

Some software gets the DVD information based on the data recorded on IFO files. BUP files are only the backups of IFO files. If IFO files can not be read, the BUP files will be the alternative. So, most DVD player software including can read damaged DVD without IFO files. However, the DVD video won't be played by any DVD player software if these two files are damaged at the same time. VOB files are actually video files that are divided into several parts, and each part is limited to 0.99G. Put it simply, DVD disc is IFO plus BUP plus VOB.

Playing DVD disc successfully or not depends on IFO files most. And 5KPlayer, as a professional DVD player software, can handle all DVD folders, VideoTS files, VOB videos plus ISO image that you mount with a ISO mounter like WinX DVD Copy Pro.