Vectordesigner 1.7.0 Download For Mac

Vector designer 1.7.0 download for mac
  1. Vector Designer 1.7.0 Download For Mac

ImageOptim for Mac makes images load faster! ImageOptim is a front-end (GUI) for set of tools for optimisation of PNG and JPEG images. Removes bloated metadata. Saves disk space & bandwidth by compressing images without losing quality. ImageOptim is excellent for publishing images on the web (easily shrinks images “Saved for Web” in Photoshop).

It's useful for making Mac and iPhone/iPad applications smaller (if you configure Xcode to allow better optimization). ImageOptim removes EXIF meta­data, such as GPS position and camera's serial number, so that you can publish images without exposing private information (but there's an option to keep the meta­data if you need it). ImageOptim for Mac Features: Faster web pages and apps Reduces image file sizes — so they take up less disk space and down­load faster — by applying advanced compression that preserves quality. Image files scrubbed clean Removes invisible junk: private EXIF meta­data from digital cameras, embedded thumbnails, comments, and unnecessary color profiles. Best tools with drag'n'drop Seamlessly combines all the best image optimization tools: MozJPEG, Pngcrush, pngquant, 7zip and Google Zopfli. All Free and Open-Source. Note: Requires 64-bit processor.

Vector designer 1.7.0 download for mac

VectorDesigner is a vector drawing application designed to be simple, intuitive and powerful to use. It has everything you need to fancy vector graphics such as posters, brochures, stickers, logos, web graphics, t-shirt and more. It features a wide range of tools and smart shapes: easily create rectangles, ovals, polygons, stars, bezier curves - even convert bitmap images to vector-based drawings thanks to VectorDesigner's raster to vector conversion!

VectorDesigner even provides advanced tools for performing geometric operations, to achieve total control over your drawings (union, subtraction, intersection and exclusive-or operations) Text can be constrained within a shape, or along a path - while still preserving the full text editing capabilities of Mac OS X! Through the built-in Flickr browser, you can have a massive library of textures and images at your! Enhance your creations by searching images by color or, and insert them into your drawing with a single click.

WHAT'S NEW VectorDesigner 1.5.2 improves leopard compatibility, latest Mac (Core i7) compatibility and fixes few minor bugs.

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Vector Designer 1.7.0 Download For Mac

It’s available for Mac, and is 100% safe. Created by TweakerSoft, who has decided to share the app for trial, and already has a total number of 1,172 downloads on our website. The 4.93MB of This app VectorDesigner are less than the average size of other apps in its section which is 87.33MB. Notability is designed for Mac – Quickly create notes by dragging documents, photos, or audio recordings from the desktop and dropping onto the library. – Enhance notes by dragging photos, audio recordings, and PDFs from the desktop and dropping onto a note.