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Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 for Mac is an easy to use and intuitive software package. It allows even newer users to maximize productivity. This software is tailored especially for use by students and for home office projects. Office Home and Student 2016 Download For PC (Windows & Mac) Office Home and Student 2016 Other Features: Exceed expectations layouts do a large portion of the setup and plan for you, so you can center around your information.

I just purchased and installed Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac. When I try to open a Word document (or any Office doc) this is what happens: A 'Grant File Access' box pops up which says, 'Additional Permissions are required to access the following files'.

Then 'Microsoft Word Needs access to the file named 'document1.docx'. Select this file to grant access.' I click 'Select'. A new box pops up that says: 'Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges document1.docx.' If I option-click to get info on the file, the Sharing and Permissions, it says I can Read and Write. I can open all Office documents in Office 2008. I ran the Disk Utility (Verify Disk Permissions and Repair Disk Permissions) and restarted, but this was only a temporary solution.

I could open the Word Doc with which I had the original problem, but the problem returned when I tried to open another Word document. Running Disk Utility and restarting every time I want to open a Microsoft Office document is not a real solution. Several other issues to note:. I tried to open an old Power Point and an old Excel doc, and I have the same problem. I made my own Word doc with Word 2008, saved it, and was not able to open with Word 2016 (same problem.). I tried to make a Word Document with 2016 and could not save it. Box pops up saying: 'Word cannot save this document due to a naming or permissions error on the destination volume.

(Test16.docx)' Please help. This is not working. When I ' Boot from OS X recovery partition and use the 'resetpassword' Terminal utility' I can't 'Reset User Home Folder Permissions and ACLs' because when the Password reset utility launches, there is no icon at the top and the drop down says 'no available users'. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I am also wondering if this could be the problem.: I have tried to reinstall Office several times, and I notice in the instructions for installing, the last step says: Activate Office 2016 for Mac After Office 2016 for Mac is installed, Word 2016 for Mac opens so you can activate Office and confirm your subscription. You should only have to do this once.

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Review the Word 2016 for Mac What's New screen, and then select Get started. On the Sign in to Activate Office screen, select Sign In, and then enter the same Microsoft account credentials you used to purchase and download Office 2016 for Mac. After you sign in, you may see an alert asking for permission to access the Microsoft identity stored in your keychain. Select Allow or Always Allow to continue.

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On the next screen, choose an appearance for your Office installation, select Continue, and then select the Start Using Word button to open the app and complete the Office 2016 for Mac activation. This does not happen when I install - the 'get started' screen never appears. The fix that I was given for this is to uninstall and reinstall, but I have done this several times.