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Dustin Keith wrote:As someone who works in a corporate job for my primary income, I can tell you that whether it's shot originally or compiled from stock footage, the intended audience will be none the wiser. I say go with what you have the quickest and easiest access to, especially if it's for free. That said, if you have access to their corporate offices and you need the practice, I think creating some stock footage of your own is a great opportunity. I don't really want to practice, I just want to get this thing done Could you share some good and affordable stock footage sites? Videoblocks seems nice, but maybe there's a better option. Favor or no, the person benefitting from the video, in this case your friend, should AT LEAST pay for the stock footage. Otherwise it would be the same as you just handing him money (which you might do I don't know your situation).

Ohh, I see you snuck in here under an unfamiliar name. Tokugawa, the CEO of a large corporation had a son whom he neglected.

That being said, videoblocks is the cheapest, but their selection kinda sucks. Dissolve.com was awesome (at $5/clip), but recently raised their prices (to $50/clip, so still not horrible). Another suggestion I would offer is istockphoto.com, which has a $200/month subscription for access to a TON of photos (I know animated photos are not as good as moving video, but hey, beggers can't be choosers, right?).

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I think he was trying to shoot something with BMD cameras and add some stock footage. Thats why he's looking for help here. Sometimes you need to do what he's trying to do in our carrers. That sucks but has to be done. Gabe, dont know your exact situation but why dont you shoot everything? It will take you more time but will be cheapper, will make you grow in experience and maybe that closer contact to the client might help you some way.

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Even if it wont look as fantastic as stock footage, it might just be well enough for your clients needs. All clients I came across which didnt want to pay or did want to pay a ridiculous price, were satisfied with a not so good video in our standards.