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To have access to all the information in the table, just sroll horizontally. The tables on this page represent lists of vehicles that are compatible with the OBD standard (EOBD or OBD2 depending on the country). Compatible vehicles can be diagnosed using generic (multibrand) ELM327 interfaces. Table utility There are several uses:. While the official dates for implementing the standard have been defined, manufacturers have implemented the standard more or less early.

The list can be used (if your vehicle is on it), to know in advance if you can buy an ELM interface and whether it will work with your vehicle. The second piece of useful information is the 'level' of implementation of the standard.

In general, the more recent your vehicle, the more diagnoses you can do on it. The tables list the support modes and their parameters. How was this list written? We asked the users of our EOBD-Facile software to help create this list by returning their 'log' file of the connection to their vehicle.

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In exchange for this contribution, the software functions are available for free. The exact procedure is explained on the page. Understanding sets of figures in the tables To understand these figures, corresponding to the parameters (PID), we have included a small program free of charge in our software.

It is available from the file menu and PID Decoder.

Suzuki Vitara 2017 Model

Get 1 — on the road it handles like the q e 2 in a force 10 in the Atlantic but as you get off the black stuff and slow things down in the boggy soggy mud ridden country we live in the good old SUZUKI comes into its own with a poky 2.0 desile turbo intercooler the little truck comes into its own and with the added bonus of never ending fun as standerd i think suzis are the best for the mud o yea you can play round with them cheap and easy chip them to nearly 200bhp with neary 400 tourqe not bad also bigger turbos and intercoolers lift kits.