Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (for Mac Review Rating

Summary: Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is 100% safe and virus free software, provided by the Stellar, having over two million satisfied customers around the globe. Why trust a Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac? People in 190+ countries trust software solution due to its efficiency and performance. Stellar has built a long-term relationship with its ever-growing Mac customer base through its powerful products and superior support service. What makes Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac safe with no virus risk? Do-It-Yourself Tool - Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a complete DIY software that empowers you to run all the required data recovery features without sending your hard drive to a repair shop where your data can be compromised. So, no need to worry about data privacy Safe Download - Provides safe download from a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) website, which means all your activities on our website are encrypted and secure.

  1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (for Mac Review Ratings
  2. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (for Mac Review Ratings)
  3. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (for Mac Review Rating)

Visit Protected Application - Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a completely safe and protected software to which no one can manipulate or make changes with any kind of malicious intent. Virus Free - Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a virus, malware, and pop-up ads free software. You can confidently download this data recovery software on Mac, as it is absolutely safe and secure from any virus or Trojan. Secure Payment Gateways - It offers safe payment gateway through trustworthy partners such as PayPal, Shareit, and Element 5. In addition, the option of payment through credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and JCB is available. Tech support 24/5 - You can reach our customer support 24/5 via Emails, Calls, or Chat.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (for Mac Review Ratings

Regular Software Updates - A dedicated R&D team continuously works to enhance software capabilities with regular updates and the latest versions. Online Help & User Guides - Systematic, easy to understand online help and user guides are available on our Website, and other platforms to help you through the process of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. Awards & Review Badges - Technology community, experts, and media frequently review and appreciate Stellar Data Recovery products. Various Macintosh User Group (MUG) and Apple User Group (AUG) also reviewed and gave top star ratings to Stellar Data Recovery Professional V9.0.

We also received awards and recognition for the best data recovery software. How Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac protects your Mac?. Does not tamper your Mac or its storage unit. Does not steal or copies your data to an unauthorized entity. Does not corrupt disk permissions on your start-up media.

Does not access your personal data such as emails IDs, photos, videos, browsing activity etc. Does not harms your hardware or other system applications Check out Top Awards & Reviews of Stellar Mac Data Recovery. William Fenton. Tom Piper.

Derek Schauland. Topher Kessler. Dennis.

And with strong reviews strengthen Stellar Data Recovery Services Presence in Data Recovery Field. Rating: Good. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software is designed to recover deleted files with original file names, recovers lost.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (for Mac Review Ratings)

Aaron Zollotech Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is an effective and safe macOS data recovery solution which has never reported for a virus or a malicious activity. For any queries related to Stellar Data Recovery for Mac, you can reach us through our support. Email – support@stellarinfo.com. Contact Number – 877-778-6087.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (for Mac Review Rating)

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a zero-risk option for easily recovering data from a volume on your hard drive or an external storage device. With this utility you can quickly and dependably complete the following recovery actions on your Mac:. Recover deleted items, lost files, and formatted data. Retrieve media files, documents, spreadsheets, archives, and more. Restore a formatted hard drive or individual volumes. Safely recover data from your NTFS-based Boot Camp Partitions.


Preview and select specific files prior to recovery. Compatible with Mac Air, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro. Description With Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, the quicker you act to retrieve the data, the better the odds of recovery. The utility is able to locate files removed from the operating system’s address table that are still physically present on the hard drive.

By using Mac Data Recovery, you can easily retrieve files or an entire volume on your hard drive regardless of how the information was removed. This utility is a dependable option for the following among other scenarios:. Accidental File Deletion. Lost or Corrupted Files.

Unexpected Hard Drive Formatting. Loss Because of Operation System Installations. Malicious or Virus Related Activity Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a professional tool you can use to recover data that has been lost, deleted, maliciously removed, or formatted over on your Mac hard drive. Within only a few minutes, this tool will locate individual file types or all available data so you can completely restore needed information with ease. Mac Data Recovery Features The Mac Data Recovery utility provides several beneficial features besides the ability to restore files. With this utility, you will be able to:. Perform Mac data and deleted volume recovery.

Execute photo, deleted, or RAW recoveries. Recover NTFS partition data. Recover entire FAT and ExFAT drives or volumes. Create images for later recoveries. Restore an entire volume or hard drive. Additionally, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery offers a user friendly, interactive interface for dependable file retrieval.

Pause/Resume Recovery – With Mac Data Recovery, you can pause and resume the recovery process at any time. Save Scan Results – Another beneficial feature is the ability to save your scan results as certain types of recovery scans take more time to complete. By using this utility option, you are able to save the results for quick access at a later time. Customize File Formats – The utility provides the option to select specific file types and formats for recovery.

By using this customization feature, you can further refine the scan and gain exactly what you need. Preview All Retrievable Items – As scanning takes place, you will be able to see every file the utility has located on your Mac hard drive. Once finished, selecting items to recover is as easy as marking a checkbox on the screen. Mac Data Recovery Specifications Specification Description Supported Devices MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Air, Mac Mini, and External Storage Devices Supported Storage Medias HFS, HFS+ FAT, ExFAT, and NTFS Supported File Types Photo, Audio, Video, Documents, Archives, Application, Text, and more. Available Recovery Modes Deleted, Photo, CD, DVD, Raw, and iPod A Recovery Mode for Every Situation Mac Data Recovery offers a number of retrieval mode options including deleted data, photo, and raw recovery. The Data Recovery options typically provide everything you need to quickly salvage files or entire drives. Quick Recovery – Scan any volume on your Mac hard drive in minutes and restore lost, accidentally deleted, or corrupted data.

Deleted Recovery – Perform a deep scan of a volume to locate even the most difficult to find items for hard drive or file restoration. Formatted Media/ Lost File Recovery – Easily recover data from formatted volumes or lost files. Search Lost/Deleted Volumes – Scan your hard drive or other mass storage device for lost and deleted volumes. This recovery mode also provides the capability to scan un-mountable drives. You can select to scan for individual file types such as images or documents or perform a complete scan of a Mac hard drive volume for multiple file recoveries.

Results may be sorted by their physical location or file type and filters are provided for easy identification of the items you want to restore from the selected volume. An Easy to Use and Completely Reliable Solution With Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, you can safely retrieve one or more lost, deleted, or formatted files off a Mac-based hard drive or external storage device. This includes scanning and recovering items from an iPod, USB Drive, SD Card, or other digital device. Whether your computer has been the victim of a virus, experienced a power failure, or simply suffered an accidental file deletion, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is here to help. A free trial will allow you to preview what items are available for recovery and see how easy it can be to recover your data. By performing these four stress-free steps with the Mac Data Recovery utility, your files or entire hard drive can be recovered:. Select a recovery mode.

Scan your Mac hard drive. Preview and select items for recovery. Save the recovered files or drive data on your Mac. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery offers several recovery mode options to ensure you receive the best results from each performed scan. Whether you need to salvage a deleted file or restore an entire drive, it is as easy as completing the above steps.

Seeing Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery in Action After you have downloaded and installed the utility you will be able to customize file types and choose a recovery option. For most file recovery situations, your best option is either Quick or Deleted Recovery on the Drive Recovery Tab.

Additional options are available for photo, CD, DVD, iPod, and Raw Recovery, as shown below: The next required step is to choose the hard drive volume that the utility will scan for retrievable files. In most instances this will be Macintosh HD; however, the selection choice could be different depending on how volumes have been set up on your Mac. Select a volume from the provided options and then click on Scan in the bottom right corner of the screen. The scanning process may take a little if you have chosen an option other than Quick Recovery. For this particular example, images showing the Quick Recovery mode have been provided.

After the Mac Data Recovery utility has completed the scan of your hard drive, you will be able to preview the results and select separate files, a particular file type, or the entire volume for recovery. Click on File List to see retrieved items by file type to make it easier to locate the required files.

To select items, simply expand the tree view or directories and click on the checkbox next to each desired item you want to recover. Next, click on the Recover Button in the bottom right corner and select a save location for the retrieved files. The selected files or entire hard drive volume will automatically be recovered and saved in the chosen location.

That’s all you have to do to recover important data! Dr.Fone offers dependable recovery of iPhone, iPad, and iPod iOS (Mac) devices directly, from iTunes, or from iCloud and may be used to restore your device’s operating system. IOS devices including an iPhone or iPad have the ability to sync with a Mac computer or to be automatically backed up to iCloud. When one of these intuitive features is used, it provides the option of having a recovery tool retrieve lost or deleted items from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via iTunes or iCloud backup.

Dr.Fone is able to perform this type of data retrieval and also may be used to restore items directly from the device by connecting it to your computer for scanning. It offers several features to make data restoration easy for any Mac compatible device. With Dr.Fone, you will be able to retrieve up to 18 different data types including:.

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a tool for acquiring lost or deleted information on any PC. With Windows Data Recovery, you will be able to retrieve documents, images, and more from a volume on your hard drive or any compatible external device.

If you are seeking an easy way to retrieve data, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the perfect fit and supplies these intuitive features:. Rescue deleted, lost, or formatted over media and files.

Safely regain files, entire volumes, or photos quickly. Supports 2 TB or larger drives. Scan for lost hard drive volumes. Applicable for XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 operating systems. Preview items prior to recovery. Advanced scanning and result sorting options.

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