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Lefschetz classes of simple factors of the Jacobian variety of a Fermat curve of prime degree over finite fields. Cialize to give generalized universal coefficient and Ku¨nneth spectral sequences. Classical torsion products and Ext groups are obtained by specializing our con- structions to Eilenberg-Mac Lane spectra and passing to homotopy groups,.

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Spectral Sequence For Macros

In, and in particular, an Eilenberg–MacLane space is a with a single nontrivial. As such, an Eilenberg–MacLane space is a special kind of that can be regarded as a building block for; general topological spaces can be constructed from these via the. These spaces are important in many contexts in, including constructions of spaces, computations of of spheres, and definition of. The name is for and, who introduced such spaces in the late 1940s. Let G be a group and n a positive integer. A connected topological space X is called an Eilenberg–MacLane space of type K( G, n), if it has n-th π n( X) isomorphic to G and all other homotopy groups trivial.

If n 1 then G must be abelian. Such a space exists, is a, and is unique up to a. By abuse of language, any such space is often called just K( G, n). May, University of Chicago Press ( See chapter 16, section 5.) References.; (1945), 'Relations between homology and homotopy groups of spaces', (Second Series), 46 (3): 480–509,:,.; (1950), 'Relations between homology and homotopy groups of spaces.

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Spectral Sequence For Mac

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