Simple Spdif I/o Setup For Mac

Just make sure, in the Audio Midi Setup, that you set the clock source to the MPC (it slave to the incoming clock on the SPDIF connection) otherwise you'll get sync issues Mac Pro 3,1 8 Core 4Gb Ram nV 8800GT. Clarett USB lays down the challenge to interfaces twice the price and brings the Clarett sound to both Mac ® and PC over USB. The range features specially designed high performance, low-noise (-128dB EIN) mic pres with a low distortion, ultra-linear design that guarantees a clean, open and transparent sound, giving accurate representation of the original performance.

  1. Simple Spdif I/o Setup For Macbook Air
  2. Simple Spdif I/o Setup For Macbook

Hi peeps, haven't been round here for a while. Forgot my username and password so here I am with a fresh account. Good to see it's as lively as ever!

Simple Spdif I/o Setup For Macbook Air

Recently bought a new MacBook Pro (early 2008 model) and Logic 8 upgrade Have just realised the headphone and mic sockets double up as optical i/o!! This got me thinking, it would be really handy to able to send a digital signal from my MPC1000 which has spdif (coaxial). This would mean buying something like the M-audio CO2 to convert from coaxial to optical. MPC1000 spdif out CO2 spdif in (coaxial cable) 2.

CO2 optical out Macbook Pro (toslink cable + optical minijack convertor) Have searched high and low on this for a week now but come up blank. Would this work??

Simple Spdif I/o Setup For Macbook

Simple spdif i/o setup for mac

Any reason not to do it? Are the optical i/o's on the MBP up to the job?? Am I barking up the wrong tree??