Silicone Keyboard Cover Skin For Mac

Moshi produces high-quality Apple MacBook keyboard covers. This particular one is totally transparent which makes it nearly invisible. This model is made of engineering class thermoplastic urethane. This type of material has perfect operating characteristics. If you compare it to silicone covers, you will notice that thermoplastic urethane covers are much thinner. This MacBook cover by Moshi is only 0.004' thick.

Apple Keyboard Covers Silicone

Just imagine how comfortable such a MacBook cover will be since it allows the keyboard backlighting to be seen through. You can also wash the keyboard cover as many times as you wish, whenever it is stained with liquids or dust. It is very easy to clean this cover.

MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover Compatible MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2017 & 2016 Release A1708 Without Touch Bar, MacBook 12 Inch A1534 Protective Skin,.

Be sure it can be cleaned with warm water and all the impurities will be washed off. However, stubborn contamination can be removed with a mild detergent. We can claim that this MacBook cover is an ideal choice for those whose aim is to protect their laptops but who want their MacBook cover to be invisible.

  1. Silicone Keyboard Cover Skin for Macbook Pro 13' 15' WITH Touch Bar A1989 / A1706 / A1990 / A1707 (2016/2017/2018 Release) - Marble Pattern.
  2. MOSISO Keyboard Cover Silicone Skin Compatible MacBook Pro 13 Inch, 15 Inch (with or Without Retina Display, 2015 or Older Version) MacBook Air 13 Inch, Dark Navy. Ableton Live Shortcut Keyboard Cover Mac Silicone Portector Skin For Macbook Pro 13' 15 Touch Bar [2016 Release With Touch Bar] A1706 A1707 -US Layout.

The ideal transparency allows the keys of the keyboard to be seen clearly and provides comfort while typing texts and doing other tasks at MacBook. Many people who have used ordinary laptops for a long time are now considering changing their devices for a MacBook. It may seem that MacBook keyboard is the same as that one of ordinary laptops (that usually are Windows-operated) but you will see the difference at a closer look. Our expert team would like to give those people some useful hints and tips who are going to purchase a MacBook just to help them get used to a new device, to make their adaptation more comfortable, quicker, and easier. The functional key in 'Command' replaces the 'Windows' key on the ordinary keyboard and is used for the same purpose, in particular, for entering commands.

The 'Alt' key which is used for entering diacritic signs, special signs, and for alternative enter of keyboard commands as well, is replaced by the 'Option' key on a MacBook. There is also a 'Control' key which replaces 'Ctrl'.

Keyboard silicone cover skin for macbook air

The 'Control' key is used for the same purposes as 'Ctrl'. We would like to share a useful, where you can see all the possible combinations of the keys in Mac OS. If you own a MacBook 12' and your desire is to protect your keyboard from damage, this cover will be an ideal choice for you.

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It is designed for a laptop with the US keyboard layout. Upper Case Premium Keyboard Protector is transparent enough, so you will be able to easily identify all the keys and your typing will be extremely comfortable. The distinguishing feature of the protector is its matte finish.

It will not reduce critically the transparency of the keyboard cover, as its thickness is just 0.007'. Keep in mind that this keyboard cover is compatible only with a Retina Screen MacBook 12'.

It is important since different MacBook models can have various keyboard layouts. So, if your choice is this very keyboard cover, make sure your model is a Retina Screen MacBook 12'. In our opinion, this keyboard protector will suit all the owners of Retina Screen MacBook 12'. The matte finish of the keyboard cover will make your MacBook look exclusive. It will become a great cover of your keyboard from different kinds of dirt and from wearing off. Using the keyboard cover, you can enhance your MacBook keyboard lifespan. In our opinion, you would like to learn some useful information about Apple MacBooks and what types of keyboards they have.

Imac Keyboard Cover Skin

Unibody is considered to be the most popular Apple keyboard. It was released in 2008 for the first time and was used till 2012. MacBook Pro Unibody is the first MacBook Pro generation laptop; it was produced in 3 modifications. If we don't speak about the hardware, the difference is in the screen size; there were 13', 15' and 17' displays. In 2010, the production of MacBook Air was launched.

Silicone Keyboard Cover Macbook Air

This MacBook model is also very popular among users and the manufacturing of its first modification ended in 2012. The second generation of MacBook Air came into the market in 2012 and it is still in production. Apple positions MacBook Air family as the thinnest laptops in the world. MacBook Air exists in 2 versions: with 11' and 13' displays. In 2015, MacBook 12' Retina was launched and it's truly a highly convenient ultrabook for daily tasks. Its keyboard differs a bit from two previous models (Pro and Air), the distance between the keys is a bit smaller.

Apple changed the traditional scissor mechanism for Apple-designed butterfly mechanism, due to which the keyboard became thinner. Nowadays, we can come across all the models mentioned above, each model has its own admirers who have a perfectly definite appreciation of MacBook's quality, convenience, and efficiency.