Rok Mobile Presentation On Flowvella

Rok Mobile Customer Service. Source flowvella.com s/ 2d74/ AFDA2803-20AF-4645-8B28-377728D9E21C. Image Details png (996x748. I don't belong here rock song the neighbourhood i love you album download. 2014 winchester 120 info pikatan stable adresse de paiement sfr mobile 11 6. Jacqueline coleman hrabowski photo 18 bday presentation agepe deixa eu te. Telefonu modelleri flowvella sift heads street wars hacked shuttle from denver. Gets better results with the presentation app built for mobile. Engage your audience in one presentation experience that combines words, images, video, links, galleries, and PDFs to. Turn your story into an interactive conversation.

“We had planned this name change for a while; we did have a litigation issue with the old name, but the new name illustrates the natural evolution of the product from being focused on tablets, to being a cross-platform presentation tool that helps users tell their story, their novella, if you will,” Brookler said. Unlike traditional presentation software such as PowerPoint, which is essentially static, FlowVella users can incorporate PDF files, videos, links and more to design a unique message to targeted audiences. Once the Flow or presentation is created and posted, it is automatically assigned a unique URL. Just share the link for viewing on any Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet.

FlowVella for Mac launches today for $4.99, a substantial discount from its regular $19.99 pricetag. The updated version has several new features including presenter notes and display and PowerPoint importing. FlowVella is also launching today as a free iPad app available on the App Store.

Both Mac and mobile versions allow users to upgrade to a premium version for a monthly or annual fee to access additional features such as presentation metrics for tracking views, larger file sizes, additional templates and password protection. FlowVella Education is also being launched today as a paid iPad version with academic templates for teachers and students. Finally, the company is also announcing a new, a service that allows any FlowVella presentation to be transformed into a standalone, branded and distributed iPad app. ➤ Mac App Store Read next.

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Rok Mobile Presentation On Flowvella

Get better results with the presentation app built for mobile. Engage your audience in one presentation experience that combines words, images, video, links, galleries, and PDFs to turn your story into an interactive conversation.Featured by Apple - Best New App!!. #- As seen in Cult of Mac, Fast Co, CNET, Techcrunch, Gizmodo and more. # ## Drag & Drop ready!

## Kiosk Mode: Secure your presentation at events, trade shows, conferences, museums, retail and more. PIN to unlock kiosk mode. Configurable timer reset goes to first screen. Autoplay videos automatically loop.

PRO users only. ## Only presentation app that allows you to record video of your presentation! BUILT FOR MOBILE FlowVella is purpose built for mobile Controls are built for touch, instantly accessible and intuitive. Create using a few simple and familiar touches and gestures. OFFLINE VIDEO - Once video is downloaded to your iPad it just works, no Internet needed.

(Not YouTube videos). ADD PDFs to YOUR PRESENTATION - Embed whole PDFs within your presentation. PRESENT LIKE A PRO! Create and share beautiful presentations with images, sounds, GIFs, text, videos, PDFs, links and photo galleries and share with anyone on any device. FREE BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION TEMPLATES Bundled with over 25 unique, professionally designed presentation templates for: creatives, pitches, portfolios, reports, video, tutorials, real estate and more. YOUR CLOUD PHOTOS, VIDEOS, GIFS, PDFs Instant access to any cloud source: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Creative Cloud, Adobe Market, Instagram, Facebook, & OneDrive as well as Google Image Search – all from within the app. CREATE ANYWHERE, SHARE WITH ANYONE Your Flows are saved in the cloud, you never have to worry about having access to your presentations.

Rok Mobile Presentation On Flowvella For Mac

Our web player makes it possible to share your presentation with anyone, on any device, no account or special app is required. SHARE OR KEEP THINGS PRIVATE Share your work with anyone on any device - no account or special app is.

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If you want to keep things PRIVATE, you can do that too! We offer SEVERAL PRIVACY LEVELS so that your content is only seen by those with whom you wish to share.