R7 Limited Drivers For Mac

R7 Limited Drivers For Mac

Launched for the 2009 season, the R7 Limited TaylorMade Driver is another club from TaylorMade that features Moveable Weight Technology. Like in the R7 CGB MAX Driver, there are 3 weights that the player has the ability to manipulate, one 16g weight and two 1g weights.

  1. At this price point, it matches, or comes close to the recent price points of a variety of drivers. With the three included shafts, and ability to swap them out without the help of a club makerit definitely is a pretty interesting package.
  2. The weighting system differs slightly on this club than with the R7 CGB MAX and R7 Limited Drivers. The superquad features 4 moveable weights, there are two 12g ports and two 1g ports which can be adjusted accordingly for your own preference.

The r7 Limited features a new and modern 440cc faster looking triangular shaped, radium ion-plated club head with soft corners and pleasant appearance constructed of titanium Extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI) for greater stability and forgiveness.

R7 Golf Driver

Again there is intended to be about a 35 yard swing available from fade to draw. The lofts available for the Driver are 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees. With 9.5 and 10.5 the only lofts available in both left and right hand. Many shafts are available to try out, but here we tested the 10.5 degree model fitted with the Aldila VooDoo NV6 shaft in stiff flex. Again like with the other TaylorMade drivers that feature the Moveable Weight Technology.

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Finding your desired setting with the adjustment of the weights will be purely trial and error for each individual, in order to find what is right for your swing. Once it got down to hitting the club, the R7 Limited driver was yet another model from Taylor Made that seemed to send the ball off like a rocket, even on easier swings when you don't hit it that hard.

The carry could be incredible at times, you didn't want to reach down and pick up your tee until the ball came down as it was such a joy to watch. And like with the R7 CGB MAX, if you are having trouble trying to eliminate a draw or a fade from your game, the moveable weights really do help with accuracy if you adjust them accordingly. Anyone should be able to find a setting eventually that they will hit consistently straight drives with.

Along with that benefit, we also found this TaylorMade driver a relatively easy club to hit. The head is a nice size at 440cc, a mid to low handicapper in particular, should certainly have no trouble playing with this driver. Also despite the moveable weight feature, the overall weight of the club seems pretty light as well, giving it a nice feel when you hold it in your hands. Looking at value, the R7 Limited Taylor Made Driver retails at around £90 or $143 as of 2012, making it certainly worth a look for most players who are needing a new driver. As the weighting system does make this Driver many clubs fitted into one. SUMMARY Looks 7/10 Easy To Hit 8/10 Forgiveness 8/10 Distance 9/10 Workability 10/10 Value For Money 9/10.