Proyecto La Paz Balandra

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Proyecto La Paz Balandra

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Balandra Mexico

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Located a short 40 minute drive from La Paz, Balandra beach is arguably one of the prettiest (if not the prettiest) beaches in Baja, California Sur. There’s white sand beaches and water so clear you can basically see from one end of the cove to the other, underwater. Its turquoise lagoon is sheltered by beautiful, rust-colored mountains. Baja’s Balandra beach, La Paz, is also home to the famous ‘El Hongo’. The El Hongo is a mushroom shaped rock that has come to symbolize the area of La Paz, such as The Arch has to Cabo San Lucas.

The area of La Paz offers many fun things to do and great restaurants to try, however, this pristine, secluded beach that imitates one of Hawaii’s nicest private coves, is something special and definitely worth adding to your next adventure. Playa Balandra (Balandra beach) is one of the few beaches in that hasn’t succumbed to the money hungry development companies like it’s counterparts around Cabo San Lucas. Which, thankfully, has kept this remote Paradise exactly how it was formed some thousands of years ago, thanks to it being apart of the area of natural protection (ANP). As this beach is part of the Balandra Flora and Fauna Protection Area (APFF Balandra), there is now a fee to visit the beach.

Proyecto La Paz Balandra Mexico


All visitors who wish to come and see Playa Balandra (that are over 6 years old and not residents of La Paz) will be required to purchase and wear a 32 peso bracelet as proof of payment. If you ask me, this is an extremely small price to pay to visit such a naturally beautiful beach and a great way to help support the local economy.Note: When enjoying Balandra beach, it’s imperative that you shuffle your feet while walking in the sandbar. This sandbar in Playa Balandra is home to hundreds of baby stingrays that have been known to sting unsuspecting visitors – which can completely ruin your day.