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We have a handful of MAC users in our environment and they are having issues getting AnyConnect to work. We have scanning for Virus software disabled for MACs on the ASA. We have made changes to Java to Allow to Run in Unsafe Mode as well as added it to the Safe Site List in the Java Control Panel. On one machine we tried the Web Launch as well as an actual install of the app separate from the weblaunch.

When the user tries to launch it they receive the error Posture Assessment Failed: Hostscan CSD prelogin verification failed And he can not get past that point. This is happening on both of his MAC's.

Posture For Mac

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Cisco Support Chart for Mac OS/X. Cisco Supported OSs. Cisco Supported OSs V2. Cisco Supported OSs V3. Cisco Supported OSs V4. Cisco Supported OSs V5. Cisco SCCM Severity Support Chart.

  1. Posture assessment allows you to inspect the security “health” of your PC and MAC clients. This includes checking for the installation, running state, and last update for security software, such as anti-virus, anti-malware, personal firewall, and so on.
  2. Can someone help me in understanding if ISE can do posture assessment for MAC OSX for File Condition, Service Condition Or checking any application.