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  1. Postal Information Act

Postal III Review. Bad gameplay, bad jokes, and bad technical execution make Postal III one bad game.

0 Postal III(PC) by on January 16, 2012 The Postal Series has been around for awhile now. Starting off with the original Postal game in 1997, it was a gritty, intelligent and funny, which made it one of the most unique IP on the market.

Eight years later after Postal 2, the postal series has finally returned to conclude the trilogy. What could have been a great game is instantly turned it into a cosmic mess with no clear direction, outdated controller and horrible game design. Postal III isn’t just the worst downloadable game I have e. 0 Postal III(PC) by on December 27, 2011 Postal 3 does to the Postal series what Duke Nukem Forever did to Duke Nukem: Managed to take concepts that couldn't realistically be disappointing, and manages to disappoint all the way to the bank. Like a pizza sundae, Postal 3 is a mixture of delicious ingredients thrown together to come out with a sloppy, messy concoction that feels more like a poor community mod of Postal 2's Apocalypse Weekend on the Source engine rather than an actual game by Running With Scissors.Postal 3 feels fake, rig. 0 Postal III(PC) by on August 26, 2012 The Postal series is one of the most controversial on the market.


Postal Information Act

Postal 1 started the ball rolling in 97 and Postal 2 completed the formula in 03 so on paper Postal 3 should be the best but it's not. It's still fun but not as good as Postal 2.Story: After the events of Postal 2, the Postal Dude has moved to Catharsis and is trying to get a job to get some gas so he can relocate again but when he is involved in a bank robbery he must make a decision to be good or evil.Gameplay: Postal 3 is a Thi.

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