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Poodle.FM has been steadily evolving since it debuted at the beginning of this year, and is starting to get pretty useful. It won’t search on the audio content of the podcast, but it will allow you to search the show notes and summaries provided by the podcast makers themselves. The results are culled from podcasts in the Instacast podcast directory, maintained by Vemedio and used when you ad new podcasts to your subscriptions via search. As of today it has its own landing page at Poodle.fm, plus multi-page search results. Here are a few sample enquiries: In what episodes of “Amplified” is Jim talking about Heineken? Podcasttitle:amplified heineken When was Dan Benjamin talking about buddhism (bad spelling)?

“Dan Benjamin” buddism Let me see a video of the iPhone 5! “iphone 5” podcastvideo:true Give my all episodes of Hypercrital of Dec 2012! Podcasttitle:“hypercritical” pubDate:2012–12–01 TO 2012–12–31 As you can see, it’s pretty full-featured, and the results include highlights of your search terms, plus the option to either subscribe to the podcast or listen to it right there in the browser. It also works great on your iPhone. In fact, clicking on a “subscribe” link will open the feed even in rival podcatcher apps. I use Downcast for my podcasts, and it worked just fine.

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This week we talk news and implementation methodologies for HTTPS, take a first look at some of the newer big data top level projects at apache, and even get a bit philosophical talking about the search for IT and data analytics talent in the USA. ITunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download and subscribe to The Same Page. Nov 9, 2018 - Until last week, I thought it would be the last Mac Mini that Apple ever made. Standalone podcast playback on the Apple Watch without an iPhone. The only indication in the interface was three “page dots” below the scrollable area. July 31, 2018 ∞https://marco.org/2018/07/31/mac-low-power-mode.

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