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Graphs download - Graphing Calculator 3D for Mac 5.1 download free - Plot high quality graphs of math equations. - free software downloads - best software, shareware, demo and trialware New Software User Reviews. Lightweight app for data analysis, plotting and nonlinear fitting. Explore hidden details of your plot with navigation tools: Mouse wheel with Shift/Ctrl changes. Oct 16, 2018  In these 4 graph software, my suggestion is to go for Teraplot which helps to create a plot graph as easy as you can. If you have an idea to develop a mobile app with the concept of plot graph software, go for FuGenX Technologies, one of the best mobile app developers in India.

I'm in the process of writing some articles for technical journals based on some research I have been doing, and I am in need of a good plotting and graphing program. I need a program that can draw functions (like Grapher) and plot multiple data points (like excel) with error bars (unlike Excel, which handles error bars in a very bad way). I'd normally use Excel, but my mentor doesn't like it (he reccomends SigmaPlot, but of course, there's no OS X version) and terefore I'm stuck trying to find a truly remarkable plotting program for OS X. Does such a program exist??? Anybody else out there that has published material, what did you use??? I'd appreciate any suggestions and feedback!

Originally posted by 4vector I use xmgrace for most things you have to run X11 to use it and can install it with Fink. I've never used error bars with it though. Gnuplot is also free and available through Fink, but it is almost all CLI. Are you looking for a free program or do want to spend some money? Most plotting programs I know of are either free or extremely expensive. College student so I'm looking for free if I can get it, but my experience so far is that no one program really does a great job at plotting technical data. Even apps that cost a lot of money.

I don't mind using CLI if the program is good. I learned TeX so I could typeset equations. It was slow learning, but it looks good so I'm willing to put in the time to learn the program. Originally posted by hardeeharhar Kaleidagraph is the only decent mac compatible graphing program. Unfortunately, it still kinda sucks. I am actually angry about this fact. Thanks for the suggestion.

I downloaded the demo and will give it a run. I understand the anger though. I love my Mac and I'm in Engineering, so most of my work involves technical data including forumals, plots, tables, etc and I have yet to find ANY great graphing or plotting software for the Mac. Grapher is great at drawing functions, but needs a lot of work (like the ability to name axes something other than x/y/z and the ability to export to a size that actually fits on a piece of paper.) Excel is good at plotting data, but I'm just not fond of the interface and the look of the graphs themselves. It's annoying when the rest of the paper looks great and the graph looks comical and has screwed up error bars, etc. rant The bane of a Mac user in a technical field. All the software is based in Windows.

Oh wait, some of it I can do through UNIX. I can run MCNP codes by SSH-ing into the department's UNIX server through X11.

But that's a pain in the ass. There's MATLAB, Mathematica and Maple, but the academic liscenses on all of those cost a lot of money and they all have different ways of entering your information.

/rant Oh well. The search will continue, and if someone can develop a truly outstanding plotting / graphing program for OS X, I wopuld gladly pay for it, but I have yet to see it. Originally posted by hardeeharhar Kaleidagraph is the only decent mac compatible graphing program. Unfortunately, it still kinda sucks. I am actually angry about this fact.

KaleidaGraph is a great graphing program, but it is by no means the only 'decent Mac-compatible graphing program.' Igor Pro, ProFit, and others are superb.

That said, KaleidaGraph does not suck-not 'kinda' or any other way. This app builds on the easy-to-use paradigm pioneered by the original Cricket Graph to add most of the power that you will ever need without screwing it up. KaleidaGraph does four things that a graphing program should do. It generates data; it transforms data; it curve fits data; and, most importantly, it graphs data. I routinely use KaleidaGraph to generate textbook quality technical graphs. The only app that produces better looking technical graphs is Igor Pro, but at a substantially higher price than KaleidaGraph. When Synergy Software released a Windows version, I turned my Windows-using colleagues on to this wonderful app.

To a person, they love it. Suffice it to say, I highly recommend KaleidaGraph. As a Phd student doing brain research, I'm very dependent on good analysis software that is capable of handling huge datasets and producing scientific journal-grade graphs. Unfortunately, my whole lab is windows-based and uses, which is a great graphing tool, but windows only. Since last week I am officially a 'switcher' and have a new iMac at home. I am thinking of saving for a Macbook as well, but that really depends on whether i can find a good Mac-based replacement for origin so I can access my datafiles on the road as well. So i thought to have a look as well.

This is what i came up with: This: and this: and this: and this.

C (command line, Qt, MFC),.NET (C#, VB), Java, COM, VB6, VBA, VBScript, Javascript, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, ColdFusion Proprietary No $99 – $749 June 15, 2015 / 6.0 Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, Any (Java edition) Extensive chart types; Realtime charts; Handles large data sets; Cross-platform; Command line, web and desktop usage; PDF, SVG and image outputs. Library Yes Free August 25, 2018 / 5.7.0 web browsers, js engines static and dynamic presentations GUI, command line, SPL script language Proprietary No January 17, 2017 / 6.7 B02 Windows Numerical analysis and signal processing with a -like interface GNU-style copyleft Yes Free April 16, 2014 / 3.10 Statistics.


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Sample charts created through datacopia GUI (web based) No Free, $4.99 – $29.99 Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android Generates a ranked list of several plots & visualizations based on an analysis of the data provided, allowing the user to choose their favorite graphic, share it, and export it as an image. GUI No Free express, $169 – $299 std.

March 2011 / 3.0.7 Linux, Unix/X11, Windows 2D & 3D graphing, animated graphs, data analysis, curve fitting, and data monitoring. GUI Yes Free July 10, 2005 / 0.7 Any (Python) Inactive as of 2005 GUI (web based) Free, or with Any Online spreadsheet; service due to end May 1, 2014 GUI GPL Yes Free Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Creates ODE solving interactive, ready-to-publish Java applets GPL Yes Free February 2, 2018 / Windows Statistics Proprietary No June 21, 2017 / 10 Statistics GUI, command line GPL Yes €90 - €225 December 19, 2016 / 1.3.1 Linux, Mac OS X, Windows specialized in curve fitting Proprietary No 2017 MS Windows only GPL Yes Free June 30, 2013 / 4.2 Linux, Mac OS X, Windows. Create Interactive Charts and Graphs GUI (web based), JavaScript Charting Library No Free for Personal Use, $1,299 – $9,999 November 1, 2016 / 3.11.3 All Web Browsers (including IE 6), JS Engines Interactive JavaScript Charts for your Web & Mobile applications.

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Get 90+ chart types and 965 maps, readymade business dashboards and demos. GUI GPL Yes Free September 3, 2017 / 6.0.385.0 Linux, Mac OS X, Sugar, Windows Very good for rendering Geometry, Graphs, Statistical Diagrams, (LaTeX) Formula Rendering. All antialiased in PNG Export.

Plotting Graphing Programs For Mac

Export to SVG, EPS, EMF, PNG, PDF. Dynamic Response Surface Plot GUI Proprietary No $30–$2,414 July 2015 / 17.1.08 Windows Statistical software package for exploratory data analysis, dynamic data visualization, statistical modeling, design of experiments, time series forecasting, quality improvement and Six Sigma.