Pinnacle Pctv Usb2 Pal Rc6 Drivers For Mac

Read also: pinnacle pctv usb2 pal rc6 drivers download You can select every each one point uzb playback pictures. Enter text from picture: Viewing a still image — Memory Photo playback Playing back six recorded images at a cd rom spvd 010 usb index screen This function is especially useful when searching for a particular image. PAL/SECAM 9 Chroma-/Video-Signal 0 CI & uProcesoare AN5633K Matushita. 4-Channel Rohm BTL 12 Driver for Sony 0 CD player HSOP-28 refer. 12000140.9mm Telecomenzi Extraplat RC6 TV echipate cu 20 procesor. EY87 Pinnacle HIGH-VACUUM SINGLE-ANODE 8 0 RECTIFYING TUBE. Pinnacle pctv free download - PCTV 310c.zip, Smarty PCTV, Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus, and many more programs. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac.

  1. Pinnacle Pctv Usb2 Pal Rc6 Drivers For Mac
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Please do not bash about it. We know that it has problems.

If it does not look like this, you are in wrong post. I am one of the unfortunate that own this product. What I would like to do here is, join forces and find best way (driver/software/hardware combination) to make it work at least in some extent. Mine sits on the shelf not connected due lack of support from Pinnacle and I feel that there must be a way how to 'use it'. So please join me in this post if you have it so we can share experience and ' tricks'.

Please try to stick to topic. I have US-NTSC version of it. Any recomendations, sugestions how to make it work more reliable?

I used it a little with Vision 1.5 but had some small (0.5s in 1h30min) OOS issue with captures. Not visible right away. Only after any DVD Authoring. Maybe you can post here what is your hardware specification.

Mobo, CPU, USB card, OS. Enything that can give a hint to potencial user that is looking for this type of information. I will have to 'clean' my PC and give it a try again soon. I know that there is some Beta release of driver available.

My experience has been an out of audio sync and not so clear video. AMD 1700+ K7s5a Motherboard v.3.x 384 MB Ram 40 GB. ATA/100/133 Maxtor 7200 HD ATI 7500 64 MB DDR good monitor from Dell I experienced this when recording from a Sony 8-mm (not hi-8, just regular analog 8-mm) camcorder. I have also not been extremely please with the way video looks from incoming cable. It is just not as crisp as a television (but I don't know what it is supposed to look like from a capture device, no frame of comparison.) I have used audio delay and video editing to fix my problems, but I am displeased that I had to do this. I also do not like that I am stuck, apprarently, with using Pinnacle's software to capture the video. Thanks for the thread.

I hope this is not considered bashing. I am only relaying my experiences. I'm sorry I don't know the type of RAM, but the processor is Intel 3.06ghz. I also want to note that I have NOT used the rca jacks to capture from like a vcr or camcorder. I pretty much only use it to record tv. Again, I have direct tv, I split it.

One goes to the tv and other to pinnacle device. Cable is probably 50 feet long. Quality is pretty darn good. I did have problems a long time ago with audio sync. Now I use the software download from website. I also format my pc about every 2-3 months, out of habit.

It seems to work fine. I can setup a ftp site and let you grab one of the files I recorded so you can compare. Just a thought.

Also I think I had problems with audio sync when I took out commercials with instead of tmpge 2.5 plus. No problems since switching over.

Processor is Pentium 4? What type of RAM do you have? (maybe I can find it on Dell's website) So are you saying that no Out-Of-Sync (OOS) for you? Sounds great. Sorry to hear you got problems with audio sync. I have just purchased one of these (PCTV Deluxe).


Comparing the capture process with the previous one I had (VIVO card with hufyuv), the PCTV screams. I also noticed the audio slipping behind about half a second after an hour or so of capture, but when viewing the video on the 'Deluxe Vision' application only. Playing the.mpg with Media player audio is in sync, even after seeking at the middle of a 4 hour capture. You mentioned that the OOS problem becomes visible after authoring.

Can you explain? I am now going to cut a portion of a capture, starting at 1:54:00 down to 2:30:00 and author a DVD with it and see what happens.

Will be back soon. Donpedro, how old was your post?

It read Jan 20 and I thought it was recent. Is it Jan 2003? Anyhow, I took the last part of a 3:30 h recording (45 minutes) by using Tmpgenc file cut and created an.mpg file which I imported to DVDLab. I used 'relaxed' compliancy settings, as the file had the wrong GOP structure (!!) and no CRC in audio (!!). Created a DVD project with 10 chapters. It plays on the DVD player and with PowerDVD fine.

No sync problem at all. I also used the same.mpg file in VirtualDUB MPEG, cut the commercials out, converted to DivX 5.11 AVI and then re-encoded in MainConcept.

Took the resulting files into Scenarist and built a more polished version of the episode. No problem in audio sync again. Mind you, I am using the out of the box version of the software.

I have seen and downloaded the beta version but it requires DX 9b and I will not install it unless I really have to. Perhaps the problems you had were due to other reasons, and not the capture. I have found the capture PCTV does to be exceptional. Let's make one thing clear. Who is using which version? There are two available original that I had in the box was 1.0 I believe and Hi all! I am a new user of this board, I was definitely looking for a 'true' hardware MPEG-2 encoder and it seemed the way to go; I instaled it 3 days ago and made some tests through the TV tuner, audio seems in sync; Please, how can I know the driver version I am using?

Also - that's my 'problem' at the moment - how can I capture as LPCM format?? The Vision sw doesn't allow me to do that; People at Pinnacle site says that the Snazzi Movie Mill sw version 2.1.57 should work with this unit, does anyome know where I could get it? Can anyome please upload it somewhere so I could download it? What sw's work with this unit? Does anyone know how to use the 'PCTVDeluxetools.exe' comand line? I've tried it, but I am no computer expert and all I can see are lots of lines at the MS-DOS black screen; Also, as far as I understand, it's impossible to have a dropped frames counter in this unit, as the PC sees an USB data flow, not a video stream.am I right?

If not, what sw should Iuse to view dropped frames Would Studio 8 or 9 allow me to capture audio as LPCM? If it uses WDM drivers, shouldn't we be capable of using 'regular' sw's with it? Has someone managed to use Adaptec's version of WinDVR3 with this unit? It doesn't install on my system cause it says I have no Adaptec hardware instaled; Well, please, let's keep this topic on, Pinnacle web site seems to have been discontinued, I wrote there but had no replies; I'd definitely like to try other sw's apart from Vision with this unit, I'd particularly apreciate if someone could point me the way to get the Movie Mill sw - is it a free sw?


Thanks, Zetti. So many questions. Q: Please, how can I know the driver version I am using?

A: What driver did you install? Q: how can I capture as LPCM format?? A: In MovieMill.

There is an option to capture sound and video separate. WAV is an option.

Q: People at Pinnacle site says that the Snazzi Movie Mill sw version 2.1.57 should work with this unit, does anyome know where I could get it? A: Did you try their web? Q: What sw's work with this unit? A: I only tryied Vision, MovieMill and Pinnacle Studio 8. Q: Does anyone know how to use the 'PCTVDeluxetools.exe' comand line? Q: Also, as far as I understand, it's impossible to have a dropped frames counter in this unit, as the PC sees an USB data flow, not a video stream.am I right? A: I don't know.

Q: Would Studio 8 or 9 allow me to capture audio as LPCM? A: I don't believe so. Q: I'd particularly apreciate if someone could point me the way to get the Movie Mill sw - is it a free sw? A: I am not sure if it's free or not, but this box was made by them for Pinnacle and I think that people from Pinnacle an Emuzed agreed not to distribute MovieMill for PCTV Deluxe customers, but I might be wrong in this one. Had mine a little over 48 hours before taking it back to PC World for a full refund.

I now use a Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 for this job - vastly superior. I tested the Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe on a VIA chipset motherboard with an Athlon XP 2600+, 1GB RAM, Creative MX420 video card, USB2 onboard. Constant lockups mainly while changing channels or changing any of the config options. Lockups during recording. Tried the beta drivers off the web site; no visible improvement whatsoever.

Pinnacle Pctv Usb2 Pal Rc6 Drivers For Mac

I didn't see any A/V sync errors (when I could get a recording to complete without crashing Windows 2000 SP4) but the MPEGs produced have no GOP headers and are rejected. Buyer s guide for manufactured housing. Picture quality was good if a little washed out, but nothing exceptional. Box looks good but my experience was of a device that's completely unreliable.

Pinnacle Pctv Usb2 Pal Rc6 Drivers For Macbook Pro

Pinnacle seem incapable of fixing the problems, or even interested in them, if you follow the threads on their web site. Try the WinTV instead.