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Dallon426 wrote:Hi, is there anyway to turn this ridiculous feature off? Holy hell what a bad idea that was Umm, you're a little vague about exactly what you are referring to. I'm going to assume you mean playback that loops between the left & right locators, aka Cycle Mode. If it isn't that please give more details. You can turn Cycle Mode on and off in the Transport, it looks like an oval with an arrow. There's also a key command, but I've customized mine & don't recall the default.

Jul 10, 2014 - occurrence in 2003, solar wind dynamic pressure has a same peak. Found that the events occurred primarily for L > 7, near apogee in the afternoon. Particle energy range, P6 and P6omni channels are also sensitive to. [1986] used “near simultaneous” window instead of the “exactly simultaneous”. Apogee Symphony I/O MKII TB Chassis - No module included (I/Oモジュールなし) 【国内正規品】【p6】アウトレット専門店.車用品・バイク用品超格安、送料無料,着くために5-6日以内に無料配信。. Apogee Symphony I/O MKII TB Chassis with 32x32【国内正規品】【p6】 売切れ注意,Apogee Symphony I/O MKII TB Chassis with 32x32【国内正規品】【p6】.

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By the way, rather than being a 'ridiculous feature' Cycle Mode is pretty darned useful as I'm sure you'll discover as you become more proficient using Cubase. Dallon426 wrote:I just don't want it on the ruler at all.

I use cycle all the time and have it set up as L in my key command. I however, think that if there is no option to turn this off when I click on the ruler, cause I'm constantly clicking it by accident when I am working fast, well it just gets in the way of my workflow.

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And when some clients tried to point a location on the ruler, they always turn the cycle on. We don't need to press on the ruler to turn on/off the cycle.There's a kc and a button on the transport bar. Raino wrote: Can you please describe specifically what you want to turn off? I'm pretty sure that I think you are asking how to turn off ABC while you really want to turn off XYZ. We want to be able to click to locate anywhere in the ruler area to locate the cursor without toggling LOOP by mistake.

P6 Windows20off Apogee

Personally, I would also like it if it wasn't possible to move both locators by dragging inside them on the ruler. IMHO the ruler is far too small to have more than one clickable function within it.