Ovu400103 00 Driver For Mac

  1. Ovu400103 00 Driver

Amazon fire TV is great for what's worth for watching Prime instant videos & occasional gaming on big screen TV. Voice search is very good too using the included remote but there is one issue that being the fact that the remote is 'Bluetooth' not 'IR' so that means you cannot teach your programmable universal remote with the command sets from Amazon Fire TV remote. I have been trying various methods to use my universal remote which I use to control all my audio/video pile of Equipment of my home theater to seamlessly work with Amazon Fire TV but not an easy task since the remote is 'Bluetooth' based. After doing some research on-line I found that certain 'IR remotes' which were designed to be used with Microsoft Media center (MCE) somehow do work but only certain picky types of MCE IR remotes. I took a gamble and bought. Very nice remote! Remote is not a tiny little device, has some decent size and has all the functions that you need to control Windows Media Center.

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IR Receiver has a nice long cable to connect to a hand USB outlet on your equipment. Only thing that I have to complain about is that the unit did not come with batteries. Packaging was good with unit coming in a plain cardboard box with compartment for the components, that box was placed in a plastic shipping envelope. Unit was received in excellent condition.

Ovu400103 00 Driver For Mac

I bought one of these beauties for use with a Nexbox Android TV box, so that I could occasionally enjoy the option of an air mouse and/or keyboard when I need to. And for those purposes, this device is an absolute winner.

In fact, I have yet to even pick up the remote that came with the box, as this one has it beat in every possible way. Not too bad for a $15 remote. I can't speak to its usability with PCs and other devices, but I honestly can't think of a good reason to think anything would be all that different.


It just works, without undue fuss or complication - or much cost. What's not to love?

Pros: + Plug and play. No bluetooth pairing. Just plug in the dongle, pop a battery in the remote, and fire up. Well built little extender cable. Works perfect as an extender with existing IR transmitter (Blumoo) which can't directly beam to components because it doesn't have a direct line-of-sight to the components. Those components include a TiVo, Yamaha Receiver and Sharp TV.

IR emitter transmitters don't have to be placed directly on the device IR receiving sensor but in line of sight a few inches away. I use a flashlight to locate the IR sensor on each component. It's usually a little round hole somewhere on the front surface of the component.

I then use bluetac to hold the IR extender sensor on the flat surface in front of or attached to the bottom of the shelf above the component. Highly recommended. I was skeptical when I ordered this that I would be able to click on small boxes accurately. I was very surprised how well this air mouse worked. I use it with my laptop connected to my tv and now I am able to easily and accurately click and type from the comfort of my chair.

I was easily able to program it for use of my tv as well. I can now operate everything I need with this one remote and put my tv remote and wireless mouse away! I am very pleased with this purchase.

Ovu400103 00 Driver

I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review. Accurip for mac.