Osram Hsd 250w 60 Gy9.5 For Mac

There has been a lot of arc source lamp development of late. Might want to check into the Philips, GE, Ushio and Osram websites news and new catalogs. Of note is the Martin switching to the Philips MSR 1200SA/DE Philips #13965-5 (or?MSR 1200SA/DEGP Philips #13986-5) as the recommended lamp for the MAC 2K to go along with their own new upgraded lamp bases. The Philips website has the wrong info published about the MSR 1200SA/DE lamps in it’s literature. It's a much higher than the 6K listed.

(?7.8K or 8.5K in color temperature) and has further improvements in the operating temperature - gold plating. Popped one in this week - much brighter.

Should be available to most suppliers in the next month or so. If you don't have a lot of Mac 2K or are just buying them, the boost in color temperature will be very noticeable. The lamp base upgrade is recommended but I’m not sure what Martin’s advice is about using the older 6K lamps with the new bases. If you already have a large investment in the 6K color temperature lamps, it would be very difficult and expensive to upgrade because they are not similar.The lamp should also work well with other fixtures using this lamp type. The more standard HMI 1200w/S is interchangeable with the newer Osram HTI 1200w/D7/60. Don't be shocked when you see this lamp in fixtures - at some point Osram will probably switch completely over.

Same basic lamp and in my opinion, still very good in quality. Other lamps available in the 6K color temperature range are the GE/Koto CSR 1200s/DE (?was the old DI-12s from Koto. If so, it would be a very good lamp,) the Ushio UMI 1200/HB (not tried it yet - TBA) and Philips MSI 1200w/S which in my testing was a little dim but it was a early play test sample. Hopefully they live up to spec now, it has the gold plated base also. Most all brands now have some form of P-3, Xs and other pinch seal temperature improvements. With all types, check the specs and play test before switching because changing brands can be very rough on your prep crew in trying to get a balanced output otherwise.

Osram Hsd 250w 60 Gy9.5 For Mac

On MSR 575/2 type lamps, GE now has the CSR 575/2/T/SE GE #49492 (CSR 575/2/SE GE #15378 - same lamp except a minor UL listing difference) to replace their CSS line. They should match up well to the Osram HSR 575/72, Ushio USR 575/2 and the standard (improved) MSR 575/2 that has been upped in color temperature and life in the last couple of years. All brands are all up for my next play test and I expect they will all be similar. Only difference will be in the lamp life.

AMGLO Kemlite Labs has a even higher color temperature and CRI lamp available at a shorter expected life. Might be the best lamp on the market for “More Power!” That’s by original lamp specs at least, they probably have changed the AMHK-575/2 since than in dialing down the output and extending the life since than. Close in color temperature to the above is also the Wolfram 575/2WSR as an alternative. Modern MSD 250/2 lamps from Philips now are 8.5K in color temperature, 18,000 Lumens and 3,000 hours per 3/03. Given that's the bench mark, The Osram HSD 250/78 (was HSD 250/2) will be almost similar but not as hot. A sometimes found Sylvania BA 250/2SE in theory the same lamp as the HSD 250/78.

TBA is the Osram HSD 250w/80 that is 8K and would match up closer. Otherwise the Ushio USD 250/2 was being made by Philips (all the MSD line was Philips while Ushio tooled up to make them) but in looking at one I got in setting up for my next play test, - it’s the exact same lamp - printing and all as the GE CSD 250/SE. It might thus be made by Koto now. Who ever is making the GE and Ushio lamps, it’s certainly the same company.

The MSD 250W/2 Philips, CSD/250/2/SE GE, 4ArXS HSD 250W/80 Osram, BA 250/2 SE D 8.5 Sylvania is a 250w discharge lamp used in the Stage and Studio market in fixtures from brands such as Martin, Futurelight, Genius, Griven, F.A.L., MAD, JB Lighting, High End Systems, Coemar, Coef, SGM, DTS, ETC and AC Lighting. The MSD 250/2 is rated at 250 watt, has a GY9.5 base, is available in colour. Product benefits. Especially long lifespan; Areas of application. Entertainment; Architainment; Safety advice Because of their high luminance, UV radiation and high internal pressure during operation, 4ArXS HSD lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings specially constructed for the purpose. Appropriate filters must ensure that UV radiation is reduced to an acceptable level. This item is a Osram 4ArXS HSD 250W/80 - 250W 92V Metal Halide - - GY9.5 Base.

Both lamps by specification should both match up well with the MSD 250/2 but with less life. Other new lamps coming to market soon - some very important ones: Philips advertises a MSA 300 lamp that should be a double the life (4,000 hours) version of the original 6K in color temperature MSD 250.

Slight loss in luminous output but excellent CRI. It should be available now or soon TBA.


Osram otherwise has the HSD 250/60 at 3,000 hours. Other than the specs of the MSA 300 lamp in general matching up to a MSD 250 lamp, there is no other mention of what the lamp is for. Should work well but ask your manufacturer for permission first.

Houdini apprentice 9.5.170 free download for mac. More important is a 4/05 press release by Osram on the UL (?Ultra Life) and other improved 4ArXS HSD line of lamps that when combined with the HSR line should offer quite the range in color temperature and lamp life to choose from. The HSD 250w/80 above is one of them.

Stuff like UV-filters on the 150w version, improved color temperature ranges and up to 6,000 hour long life lamps are of note. Note the 6,000 hour long life lamps especially for permanent installs, clubs or schools and the intent of my posting this info. You give up a little in output but gain it in life. Should be in the US this summer. New lamps listed TBA: HSD 150w/70 (UV-Reducing) G-12, 150w/97v, LCL 56mm, Arc Gap 5.5mm, CRI 85, 7,000.