One In A Million: 'aaliyah For Mac

  1. Aaliyah Mac Line

MAC Aaliyah Collection Hey there, happy Friday to you! I’ve got the brand new MAC Aaliyah Collection for you to check out today! The MAC Aaliyah Collection is an ode to the late R&B icon from her brother Rashad Haughton, who said this was a dream realized for him. It consists of twelve pieces of makeup, all with a beautiful deep red mirror-like finish emblazoned with her signature in silver. It’s so weird I had to look up when she died and was shocked it was in 2001. In some ways I felt like it was the mid 90’s when it happened and in other ways it feels much more recent. I still remember hearing about it on MTV though, so tragic.

Aaliyah Mac Line

Jun 20, 2018 - 'Baby Girl' squished a lot into a short life, and gained an impressive understanding of fashion. With the release of a MAC makeup line in her.

Street Thing Pretty collection! The lipsticks are all nice shades, though I will say, Street Thing takes a bit of work to get it completely even, as it’s a bit patchy. Try Again and Hot Likeare both really nice shades. None of the glosses are.my. colors per-se, but they are nice even though “Nevermore” is almost impossible to get completely even. The lip liners are great, they go really nicely with the lipsticks and glosses. The eyeshadow palette is way better than I was expecting.


You know how MAC is very frequently chalky and not that good with pigmentation in these palettes? Well this one was almost all really good. The only shades that were a bit off and patchy were the two mattes, which are Princess of Soul and Dance in the Dark.

One In A Million:

Otherwise everything was smooth and really nice. The bronzer is a nice, on-the-light-side with a beautiful golden shimmer, which isn’t too much in person. The MAC Aaliyah Collection comes out June 21st in stores. Is there anything here you will be picking up?