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Management training in UK Professionals will always require knowledge and skills, regardless of the areas in which they work, and with the assistance of LCT’s experienced team of trainers, they can gain the relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to carry out essential tasks proficiently. At LCT, we are often asked “Why choose LCT as opposed to other providers?” and our simple answer is that clients should choose our management training programmes, workshops and seminars because of the combination of world-class trainers, excellent customer care and affordable pricing, which we believe sets up apart from the crowd. Helping professionals to develop in the right areas At LCT, we work with international clients from many sectors, including oil and gas as well as banking and finance sectors. It is our firm opinion that the tailored packages that we are able to offer are pretty much unrivalled. In the field of leadership and development training, we strive to be at the leading edge of training provision and indeed, when it comes to management and leadership courses in London, we are able to meet the needs of our clients. Fine tuning those skills There is a fine art to providing professionals with content-rich courses and we have been able to perfect this art during the last 25 years. From human resources to law and from finance to public relations programs and beyond, we are the preferred choice of so many respected businesses.

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JQuery courses London. Providing the best London JQuery training courses. Animations and events such as mouse overs, fades and drop down menus.

Helping professionals to fine-tune their skills and enhance their knowledge is what we promise and this is exactly what we deliver.

FAQs Coming On Your Course Cancellation & Payment Questions General Questions Course Questions Training Centre Questions What do I need to do to prepare for my course? The information below should tell you all you need to know before you attend your course with us: Course Timings Courses start at 10am and finish between 4.30 and 5pm.

We ask that you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the course (9.45am) so we can register you and offer you refreshments. Please don't be late as the start of the course contains vital information.

If you miss the first part of the course you will be unable to participate in the rest of the day, so as a courtesy to your fellow delegates and the trainer please arrive by 9.45am. This is the only party in London where it is fashionable to arrive early and extremely uncool to be late! Thanks for your cooperation with this. If you are going to be late, please call 020 7407 8880 to let us know, we'll advise you then if you will still be able to attend - dependant on your estimated arrival time. If you don't arrive in time and we can't accommodate your estimated arrival time, we'll still have to charge for your place on that particular event, so please make every effort to arrive by 9.45am. We opted for a 10am start time to accommodate those who aren't used to travelling into London, we're at the office from 8.45am so if you feel like dropping in early to sit with a coffee, tea, fruit and biscuits or bring in your breakfast from outside, you are more than welcome to do so. We will also be providing lunch for you, in advance if you have special dietary requirements but as it may answer your question for you.

Finding The Centre to a map to help you find the training centre. We'd advise you to use it as Google maps will push you to Great Suffolk Street although our entrance is actually on Toulmin Street. Pre Course Objectives It would help us if you could prior to attending the course. It isn't mandatory, but it will give the trainer some insight into your needs and why you are attending. If you need any other information, this FAQ's section will probably answer your question, but we do like to talk! Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if there is anything else you need, you are going to have a great course and we're looking forward to seeing you. Onsite Courses If the course is taking place at your offices, please be aware that we do not provide lunch or any software, computers or additional hardware.

To make sure you have everything in place for the course to run at your office without a hitch. How can I pay for my course? After processing your booking, our accounts team will be in touch to request payment.

Training Courses In London

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard or BACS. If your company is paying for the course, our accounts team will email you an invoice with the payment details. If you need our banking details to make a payment and they'll be happy to forward them to you, or to help with any other payment query you might have.

Other Payment Info You Might Need VAT Registration number: GB 645 0859 23 Company Registration number: 02867466 What happens if I need to cancel or postpone a course? If the course is more than seven days away If the course is more than seven days away, you can cancel or postpone your course as many times as you like at no cost. If the course is less than 7 days away If your course is less than seven days away we can't cancel or postpone without charge for any reason. Please think of your course booking in a similar way to a flight or a theatre or cinema ticket. Your booking is for a seat on a particular event on a specific day and if you don't attend we won't have a long enough opportunity to resell your place. Our courses will run as scheduled despite weather, train strikes, cancellations or any of the common sources of travel disruption.

We cannot offer refunds or rescheduling of courses if you are unfortunate enough to have this type of issue. Similarly we will also have to charge for your place on the course if you are ill, have a busy schedule at work or have a personal reason for not attending. Your booking is for a one time event and as such your place is not transferrable to any other day unless we are at fault. We are an empathetic team here and whilst your circumstances are most likely ones that we'll be sympathetic too, we also have to function as a business and we hope that you will be understanding about this - we're very up front about it from the get go. We hope that you can respect our one strict policy, it's the shortest cancellation and postponement policy in the industry, so we think it is a fair trade for allowing us to provide you with the best creative training you'll find.

I attended day one of my course but I can't attend day two. Can I reschedule the second day? Unfortunately not. Our courses don't always have the same structure between day one and day two so if you miss the second day for any reason you are not able to attend again free of charge. How big are your classes? All our public scheduled training courses have a maximum class size of six, which means you get lots of individual attention. On some public courses you could end up being the only person in attendance, if this is the case we will always run the course, we never cancel a course because of low attendance.

How long do your courses last? The shortest course is a day and the longest courses are our five-day workshops. Will I get notes to take away at the end of my course? All of our course content is digital. At the end of the training you'll get access to the relevant digital materials for that particular course. For many courses we also offer great tips on further reading along with links to great web resources which we think will help you to get creative with your new skill.

Do you offer training at weekends or in the evenings? Our courses are available Monday to Friday during office hours. We've just started to provide some of our more popular Adobe courses once a month at weekends. Check online to see if the course you are interested in is currently an option for weekends.

Tell me more about the people who come on your courses. Come from organisations of all sizes - from world-famous corporations like the BBC to tiny, independent companies. We also get lots of very talented freelancers who want to develop their skills. Can I tailor the content of my course? Yes, private courses are tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

Mouse Training London Ltd: Courses After 12th

When you call us to enquire, tell us what you want to learn and we’ll do the rest. If you are attending a public course we have to stick closely to the course outline. It is what all the other attendees have paid for so we have to make sure it is focused on the group's needs rather than any one individual.

Our trainers are really friendly and helpful, so you will get some one to one time with them on public courses to talk about your own specific needs. Is Media Training accredited?

Yes, by Adobe, Apple, Maxon and Quark. We are proud to be able to say that Media Training is the UK’s largest Adobe authorised training centre. What experience does the trainer have?

Our trainers are all experts in their field. We have a large roster of the cream of London's creative trainers and we insist that they are all currently working professionally in the areas which they train.

This ensures that you have access to not just the best trainer but also to a person who has relevant commercial skills in your area of learning, vitally important in the creative industries. How does the Helpdesk work? Simply call us on 020 7407 8880 or email with any problems or questions between the hours of 9.00am and 5pm and we will arrange for a trainer to contact you. I don’t live near London, are there courses closer to me?

Along with our training centre in London, we also run courses at our clients’ offices all over the UK and around Europe. We can run a private course at your offices, wherever you are. What time will my course start? Courses start at 10am and finish between 4.30 and 5pm. We ask that you try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the course so we can register you and offer you refreshments. Please try not to be late!

If you are late, we'll still have to start the course for the other delegates at 10am and it will be much harder for you to begin your day smoothly. We opted for a 10am start time to accommodate those who aren't used to travelling into London, we're at the office from 8.45am so if you feel like dropping in early to sit with a coffee or bring in your breakfast from outside, you are more than welcome to do so. Will I be using a Mac or PC on my course? We have lots of high-spec Macs and PCs. Simply tell us at the time of booking which you would prefer to use during the course and we'll have it booted up and waiting for you. What happens if I have to leave early?

London Corporate Training Ltd

If you need to leave a little early, let the trainer know on the day. It's better to arrange to leave early on the last day of the course (for two day courses) as you won't have to try and catch up at the start of the second day. We know that childcare, work and life arrangements can be difficult to manage so we'll always try to do what we can. If you think you may need to leave very early, why not give us a call before the course and we can let you know the best way to proceed. Can I use my phone during the course? We ask delegates not to use their phones in the classroom.

It's fair to say that doing so would be a distraction to you, the trainer and any other delegates in attendance and therefore affect everyone's enjoyment of the day. There are three breaks per day and as such, you'll have plenty of opportunity to check in with work. If you need to take a call or email urgently, please mention this to the trainer and they will arrange for you to leave the training room to do so. If you need privacy to make a call or would like to stay on after the course to work, you are welcome to. We are in the office until 5.30pm and you are more than welcome to stay until then and help yourself to refreshments. What setup should I prepare if you are training onsite at my office?

For onsite courses you should have the following equipment in place:. A computer for the trainer. A computer for each delegate attending the course.

The relevant software (where applicable) installed on all computers. A means for the trainer to show their computer screen to the group (ie a projector, large monitor or screencast) If you are in any doubt regarding the setup for your onsite course, please contact us on 020 7407 8880 or email and we'll do all we can to work around any problems you might have. Where does the training take place? We have large training centre at London Bridge close to Borough tube station, we're also only minutes away from London Bridge, Waterloo and Southwark stations too, if you don't mind a 10 - 15 minute walk. It's a very interesting area with great places to eat, drink, shop and soak up the atmosphere. Do you have wheelchair access to the centre? We are located on the first floor of a converted warehouse.

Whilst this is a wonderful place to train, it does mean that accessibility is a problem for wheelchair users or for those unable to use stairs. The stairwell that gains entry to the property is a communal one and as such we are unable to redevelop it to allow access.

There is one flight of stairs (23 steps) into our building and from there the centre is step-free. If your accessibility issue means that you can't visit the centre, please do contact us to see if we can offer you training in the comfort of your own home or office. We want our courses to be available to all and if there is anything we can do to arrange this for you, we will. I’m travelling from outside London, can you recommend somewhere to stay? Yes, here is a close to our centre which our clients have recommended to us. We haven't stayed in them, so double-check reviews and current pricing on and see what's best for your needs.


Does Media Training supply all the equipment? Yes, for courses held at our training centre we supply everything. Computers, software, pens, pads to write on, digital assets to take away and a delicious lunch. We also provide lots of coffee, tea, biscuits and fruit. Do you provide tablets as well as mice? No, we don't provide tablets because most of our delegates don't use them. Models and software change very frequently so it is hard for us to have an up to date and complete range of tablets for delegates to use.

We do offer support for you if you would like to bring your tablet with you though. Let us know when you arrive and one of out IT team will get you set up. Is there a dress code? No, feel free to wear anything that you feel comfortable in.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements? Our complimentary lunch is high quality and is very healthy and tasty too! We cater for most dietary requirements such as vegetarian and gluten free. We aren't able to offer a 100% guarantee that our food is allergen free for those who suffer food allergies. If this is the case we suggest that you bring your own lunch in with you on the day. We can let you store lunch in our fridge and will be happy to provide you with assistance to heat it if required. Similarly we don't cater for diets along religious grounds.


Again, if you require a special meal because for religious reasons, we would suggest that you bring your own lunch in with you on the day. Do you have a prayer room? Unfortunately we do not have facilities for prayer in the building. We are very close to both a and a Please consult Google Maps for other faiths represented in the area.

Is there parking at your centre? We have two parking spaces which are usually used by staff and contractors who are working in the office. It is sometimes possible for us to let delegates use these spaces if they have a special need to do so. We have to arrange this a bit in advance so if you do have a need to park, please contact us on 020 7407 8880 and we'll see what can be arranged. Is there anywhere I can securely park my bike?

There are some bike bays on Great Suffolk Street which we are told are pretty secure but if you'd prefer for us to look after your bike in the centre we'll be happy to store it somewhere in the office until you are finished for the day. We're bike friendly!

Is there anywhere I can store luggage at the centre? If you need to take your luggage to the centre we'll be happy to store it for you. If you have a particularly heavy bag, just let us know when you buzz the door, we'll send someone burly and energetic down to help you take it up the stairs.

Do you have free wifi access at the centre? The passcode for our Wi-Fi can be found on the laminated info cards which you'll find on the tables in the communal areas.