La Fte Des Rois

Dec 27, 2012 - La galette des rois is a cake to celebrate the Epiphany, a Christian feast day for the coming and incarnation of Jesus Christ. Though traditionally.

La Fte Des Rois

Oh, I was hoping for your recipe, Sylviane! I didn’t really know about the French tradition but I know in my family we always celebrated the Epiphany/Three Kings Day on the 6th. We didn’t really have any traditions about it though.

I seem to remember something about a cake with something in it. I thought it was a baby, but maybe it was a king. Anyway it was supposed to be lucky if you got the piece with the baby/king in it. Of course, it was only lucky if you didn’t break your teeth on it 🙂 Thanks for sharing another unique tradition! Carol Lynn invites you to read.

Your posts are so educational Sylviane. I learn so many new things when I visit and especially the food recipes. Never having even heard or seen some of your food selections it’s really fun. This was very interesting and I appreciate you sharing this history. I wish we had certain traditions we followed. I guess that’s what is so fascinating about different countries.

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Being able to learn how people do things differently. Don’t think I’ll be trying this recipe but it does look good.

Thanks Sylviane and enjoy your weekend. Adrienne Adrienne invites you to read. Hi Sylviane, I really enjoy reading such posts. They are interesting and capturing. No, I didn’t know anything about this tradition until I read your post.

I am from an Egyptian origin and we celebrate Coptic Orthodox Christmas Eve on Jan. I kind of think this tradition has a relation to the Christmas Story.

Also, feve is a bean. It sound like Fava Bean. Is it a Fava Bean or a different kind of bean. Sorry, I don’t speak French. The recipe looks amazing and yummy. I hope you can provide us with the recipe in your upcoming recipe book.

La fete des rois mages

La Fete Des Rois En France

I like to try new things. Thanks for the education in this post Sylviane. Be Blessed, Neamat Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read.