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. Key features A graphical audio sequence, several edition operations and some effects makes its interface very simple to handle. It not only supports audio, but also video. Ecmspy drivers for mac. Consistent, highlighting the changes and using relevant icons with labels, its interface can be used by anyone. One of its most well-known features is that it works with ALL versions of iPhone so that users can convert virtually any media format into an iPhone ringtone (M4R).

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There are many converting tools that scatter on the Internet but really small number of them can convert into M4R. It also converts any media format into an iPhone ringtone (M4R), iPhone text tone (CAF), MP3 format (for Android, etc.) A feature that attracts most of the users since iRinger can create a ringtone out of a video file soundtrack. IRinger graphically represents the audio you want to convert into a ringtone.

One the media imported, instead of selecting the audio, you just have to drag the timeline inside the app's interface for adjustment. After that, you can choose yourself the length of the ringtone. The length of the ringtone is about 30 seconds and you can change it by changing the volume and tone output. You can delay, reverse, stem, or flang, overdrive your ringtone. You can even combine it with another ringtone and create an awesome one for your iPhone. Pros. Easy-to-use, nice-looking interface.

Iringer For Macbook Pro

IRinger creates free ringtones and Text Tones for your iPhone from virtually any music or video file you own. Even YouTube videos! IRinger exports ringtones to iTunes, so there is no need to 'jailbreak' your iPhone. Jul 25, 2013  iRinger is a simple-to-use program that allows you to create ringtones for your iPhone device. It can be easily figured out, even by first-time users. IRinger: Utility for creating ringtones compatible with iOS. Free download provided for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Software reviews, downloads, virus tests and more.

Can also extract sound from video files Related.


Ringer is the premiere ringtone creation app on the app store. Make a personal ringtone from any unprotected song in your iTunes Library, video in your photo library, or direct recording. Ringer lets you easily make a ringtone from 2 to 40 seconds long. Features: - Fully iOS 12 compatible. Makes ringtones, text tones, and alert tones. See the actual waveform to help you find the right part of your song. Zoom in and out to help you choose the start and end of your ringtone with sub-second accuracy.

Iringer For Mac


Support for fade-in, fade-out and ringtone gap. Song navigator lets you jump to any part of the song instantly.

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Auto volume support makes sure that quiet parts of a song can still be used as a ringtone. Landscape mode to provide a larger view on your music. Note: - Songs that are protected by DRM cannot be used. No app can install ringtones on the phone. Ringtones must be imported into iTunes and synced to the phone before they can be used.