Ik Multimedia's Amplitube Mesa/boogie Now Available For Mac

  1. Ik Multimedia's Amplitube Mesa/boogie Now Available For Mac

IK Multimedia and MESA/Boogie teamed up last year and added the MESA range of amps to Amplitube for Mac and PC. Now they have announced that their software amp recreations are available for your Apple smartphone and tablet.

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Ik Multimedia's Amplitube Mesa/boogie Now Available For Mac

. Owners of IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube software package can look forward to the following: The AmpliTube MetalliPack Custom Shop package with two effects pedals, five amp heads and four guitar cabinets, all for free! MetalliPack The following components are available as part of the MetalliPack bundle: Overscream (TubeScreamer) ProDrive (ProCo Rat) American Lead MK III (Mesa Boogie Mark III) Jazz Amp 120 (Roland JC-120) Metal Lead W (Randall Warhead 300) Metal Lead T (Triple Rectifier) Vintage Metal Lead (Marshall JMP100) 1 × 12 (Mesa Mark 3 Box) 2 × 12 (Roland JC-120 Box) 4 × 12 Metal T1 (Mesa Box) 4 × 12 Modern M1 (JCM800 Box) What do you have to do? If you go to the linked product page, it costs the regular price. However, if you log into your customer account (or create a new one), you receive a message that the package is now available in its user area. The only downside is that this is currently only for AmpliTube Custom Shop, so the Mac/PC version and not for iOS or Android platforms. Duration Since the MetalliPack package actually costs money (about 56 euros), I assume that it will not be permanent offer.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to sell a product after such a giveaway, so who knows? IK Multimedia MetalliPack.