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Age of Empires 3 is fantastic title with superb graphics and tight gameplay by Microsoft Studios. This is awesome game, much better than Age of Empires 2, more in depth. This game has a rich story, which is full of interesting historical points.

Ok, after checking Wine/PlayOnMac and Steam forums, I've concluded this is how you play Age of Empires 3. Do NOT install from the Crosstie, it's too old and doesn't work anymore. Install Steam on a new Bottle using the Steam Crosstie. Then install Visual C 6.0 Redistributable, Microsoft XML Parser 4.0. Then go into Manage Bottles. Acer 946gzt-am drivers for mac. And clic on the control panel tab and open Wine Config.

Clic on the Libraries tab, and add 2 overrides: dsound (native, built in) and l3codecx.ax (native, builtin). All those solve the DirectX reinstall issue, the blank error window issue, the sound issue, the video playback issue and the cd key dll issue. I got it closer to working by following the directions posted above: install C Redist and MSXML4 into the bottle. At that point I got the opening videos, then the main menu. But no mouse control on the main menu (I could see the pointer but it didn't move.) I fixed that by switching to another Mac program and then back.

But this messed up the window so only have the screen was visible. By changing my desktop resolution I got as far as starting the tutorial, but the mouse was gone again.


I stopped trying at that point but perhaps the Wine settings for capturing the mouse and/or setting up a virtual desktop might have helped. I also hadn't tried the Library overrides from the previous post yet.

Age Of Empires 3 Setup

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