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I don't remember seeing this app mentioned here and I think many might find it really useful. It is a java based application for connecting to a Windows Terminal server. Make sure you download the 'for unix' version without Java VM, it contains only one file install.bin, execute it from the shell as./install.bin This will bring up a java based installer and after that it is easy. I didn't test it very extensively but managed to connect to Win machine in a first attempt and it looked fine and relatively fast (faster than VNC) on my Lombard. For more info visit the. Editor's note: I'm unable to test this app, as I have no access to a Win2K server. It's a commercial package with a try-before-you buy eval that has no functional (only time) limitations - which I applaud.

If you need this connectivity, HOBLink may be a solution for you. Pretty sweet. The OSX version did not autosize the window. 'Option' is mapped to Alt and 'Option-Click' is the right click, which I found odd. I just did this a few minutes ago.

Less than 15 minutes from the time I heard about it to having it running. And I installed OS X for the first time three days ago. The only downside is the price, $143.

But if it does all the things listed at it is more than worth it. I will post again once I have given it a good workout.

HOBLink JWT Access Windows Applications from your Apple Macintosh OS X – Fast and Easy 'If you require cross-platform remote access to a Win2K server, HOBLink JWT is an excellent solution that is considerably less expensive than a full blown MetaFrame environment. The product's server-based, clientless architecture let's you easily connect your users to a Win2K terminal server.' Johnathan Chau Windows – 2000 Magazine Why should I be interested in HOBLink JWT?. If you have a Macintosh OS X (HOBLink JWT is no longer supported for OS 9 or older) and would like to have access to Windows applications.

HoblinkHoblink Jwt For Mac

If you are a Mac business user and planning to use or already using tools like Dave, VNC, Timbuk2, Virtual PC or CITRIX MetaFrame. If you are a Mac home user and would like to use Windows applications. If you need remote administration of your Windows 2000 Server from your Apple Mac. If you are an ASP and would like to give your customers using Apple Macintosh access to Windows applications. If you have home offices with an Apple Mac that should also use Windows applications.


If you are using an iBook/PowerBook and want to use Windows applications “on the road.' .

If you have a cross-platform environment including Apple Mac and other platforms, and everyone needs to work with the same Windows applications for a better compatibility. If you are using Microsoft Project on Windows as well as on your Mac and you would like to give your users access to the same project. If you want to have “Strong Encryption” for your Mac-to-Windows communication. If you are thinking about a server-based computing environment for your Apple Macintosh users. If you want to have a fast and easy-to-setup solution to access Windows applications.

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If time and money count. Then HOBLink JWT will interest you! -Overview The Ultimate Software Solution for Apple Macintosh OS X to Access Centralized Windows Applications HOBLink JWT is the time saving, cost-efficient and web-based answer for fast, multi-user access to centrally located Windows applications and data on Windows Terminal Servers from Apple Macintosh's OS X. Apple Macintosh users will find that HOBLink JWT is a fast and easy way to access Windows applications and data by using just a browser.

HOBLink JWT benefits the system administrator by allowing broad-based control over user settings and modifications, reducing administration workload and increasing user productivity. On-demand, multi-user access to centralized Windows applications. No local installation required, it is easy and fast to set-up on a web server and requires only a web browser on the Mac.

Flexible load balancing and easy-to-use application publishing to streamline application delivery. HOBLink Secure to prevent unauthorized access to your Terminal Server/Terminal Server farm. Easy Print capability with only two printer drivers and universal printer support, HOBLink JWT eliminates print hassles and workflow clogs. A software solution that fits your budget!