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There is one small thing that made my life as a software developer a little better. And not many people seem to know about it. The trick is hotkey terminal window. It is basically an additional terminal window that is always visible, and you can show/hide it using a keyboard shortcut. This additional window seemed to be really handy as a code scratchpad or dedicated man window. It is so convenient that I sometimes use it as themain terminal.

I believe this feature should be available on most platforms. I personally use iTerm2 (Mac only, sorry) and it has this functionality built-in. In my case, the new window show/hide up after I press CTRL two times. Originally posted at.

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Contents. Rationale Running Guake is faster than launching a new terminal with a because the program is already loaded into memory, and so can be useful to people who frequently find themselves opening and closing terminals for odd tasks.

Guake follows the same line of and, but it is an attempt to meld the best of them into a single GTK-based application. Guake has been written from scratch. Version 3 Version 3.0.0 was ported from 2 to GTK+ 3. This version also dropped support for Python 2. Old releases and code depending on GTK2 can be found in the 0.8.x branch. The developers of Guake will not maintain this branch actively.

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Guake depends on the See also.