Free Svn Client (gui For Mac

Free Svn Client (gui For Mac
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External solution for mac. Possible Duplicate: Free SVN client for Mac What is the best SVN client for Mac OS X? I used TortoiseSVN on Windows, but TortoiseSVN is not available for Mac OS X. Are there any GUI SVN file management software for Windows? Best usenet client for Mac OS X?-1. Svn checkout mac os x. Picasa like apps for Mac.

– John Dvorak, hichris123, Bart, Community, rene If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the, please. I was also after a free SVN app, I tried a few different solutions, but none of them quite hit the mark. To start with I was excited by svnX, but then it's really confusing how it treats 'working copies' and 'repositories' differently - I still am not quite sure exactly when/why to use which of the multiple windows. It seems to cover everything, but just not fluently.

You know what I've ended up using? Netbeans I've been using it as my IDE for a while now, and have always liked it, but I didn't use it for SVN while on my PC (I preferred the Tortoise SVN interface). But now on OSX I've been after something that has similar functionality and I was very surprised to find that Netbeans seems to be perfect! All I was after was a single browsable file tree that you can right click and apply all the familiar commands (update, commit, revert, search history, diff against other versions) etc, and netbeans has it all. It's actually really thorough, logical, familiar and complete. It's surprisingly similar to Tortoise in the general navigation & interface (minus the pretty icons of course) - but I'm impressed.

Give it a shot!

Mac Svn Client Free

This is a very old (and closed) thread, and sometimes I think that everyone but me has switched to Git. But for what it's worth, I tried Versions and ran into some limitations that ended up costing me hours trying to re-synchronize with the repository. The problem is that there is no un-add and no un-version-control commands, and not much in the way of cleanup or re-synchronize facilities.

Best Svn Client

I've now switched to Syncro SVN Client, which is much more like TortoiseSVN, and has the facilities lacking in Versions. – Dec 22 '16 at 4:57.