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Dear reader, As you might have learned Adept Scientific was placed under administration in November 2014. Alfasoft AB has acquired the Adept Scientific Limited assets and founded Alfasoft Limited to continue to provide the services. Alfasoft will continue to provide information, support and services on several products previously supplied by Adept Scientific. Mathcad, EndNote, Reference Manager, Intel Software, Portland PGI, plusFORT, Absoft, VisSim, MathType, GRAMS, Kinetica and DASYLab are among the products that Alfasoft will supply and support.

For some products however, continued support and services will be managed directly by the manufacturer of the product, or a new reseller authorised by the manufacturer. Alfasoft AB has provided high end scientific software to researchers and engineers since 1989 and we would be honoured to give the same service to you. We offer open online training on most of our products twice per year in addition to payable training and consulting. You are very welcome to join us and we look forward to working with you. Kind regards, Roberth Hoff-Olsen CEO Alfasoft Limited Posted in,. With the introduction of in the new, Thomson Reuters has delivered a key requirement which is top of the wish-list of many and users around the World.


This much-awaited functionality enables EndNote X7.4.2 users to share their entire reference collection with up to 14 other EndNote X7.4 users. Everyone invited to join the library can access, add to, and edit the shared library, which is automatically synced to ensure it stays up to date. Everyone in the group can also access the full text attachments, annotations and sticky notes from other library members. The new feature streamlines and strengthens the process of co-editing any library by allowing all users to access the actual library directly (rather than a saved copy) in real time. That means users can be sure they’re all working with the latest information at the same time. So whether you want to start sharing your existing EndNote library or you’re looking to work with other researchers to build a new shared library from scratch, EndNote X7.4.2 will work for you. EndNote X7.4.2 also makes an excellent alternative for Reference Manager users who’ve been holding out for a reference management solution that supports collaborative research and library sharing, as well as provides compatibility with the latest operating systems and platforms.

There are that let Reference Manager users simply ‘upgrade’ to EndNote rather than pay full price for a brand new licence. And there’s no complicated conversion process – EndNote automatically migrates your library and Word documents from Reference Manager to EndNote! Read our to learn more.

Why not give the latest version a try? Download a free trial for. Posted in Tagged. Organic chemistry students at are starting the new term this Autumn armed with the latest software by PerkinElmer Informatics which will enable them to better illustrate their work with clear molecular structures. Will also make it easier for research and teaching staff to submit their papers to academic journals, as well as collaborate with other institutions.

ChemDraw was chosen to replace an alternative drawing application, because it is easier to learn, faster to use and compatible with a wider range of databases and external websites. Posted inTagged,.

The latest release of Intel’s developer toolkit for high performance computing (HPC) and technical computing applications, is now available from – part of the Adept Scientific Group of companies. This new version includes first-to-market explicit vector programming capabilities which enable developers to optimise processing cycles through concurrent operations on Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors. Also supports new standards including OpenMP 4.0, delivering unprecedented vectorization support to developers.

The updated release also gives developers comprehensive optimisation reports that provide deep insights on code performance, as well as optimized libraries and compilation capabilities, developed in line with standards such as OpenMP 4.0, MPI 3.0, Ful Fortran 2003 (Fortran 2008 BLOCK) and Full C 2011. For more information or to download a demo, visit the. Posted in Tagged. I got to revisit my old university stomping ground last week when I manned the Adept Scientific/Quanser stand at the. It was a great opportunity to meet up with old lecturers, visit old haunts and see how things have advanced on campus, while making brand new connections with customers and contacts in the world of system control. Visitors and exhibitors alike were keen to catch a glimpse of the latest control technology, and we put on a great show for them with our range of set up and running on our stand.

  1. Sep 3, 2018 - Over the past 50 years, oxygen has decreased by two percent in the global ocean. The volume of oxygen-depleted waters, has grown more.
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These included the ultra-effective, impressive and the for the. I also sat in on National Instruments’ instructional free workshop session during which PHD students got to try their hand at building a control system using Quanser’s Inverted Rotary Pendulum and NI’s CompactRIO controller. Looking forward to UKACC 2016 which will be held at the Queen’s University, Belfast. Posted inTagged.

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It’s probably the most famous children’s hospital in the world. Over the past 162 years Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has saved or transformed the lives of thousands upon thousands of children. It’s also a centre of pioneering research in paediatric medicine, with an impressive record of innovation in cancer, heart and lung diseases, neuroscience, immunology and more.

As at all major research institutes, clinical researchers at GOSH use to locate and cite the vast literature resources in paediatric medicine. But until recently, and through a technical anomaly (researchers at GOSH actually work for a separate organisation), hands-on medical staff haven’t had the same access to EndNote except by buying an individual licence – not an affordable proposition for over 200 staff. An describes how a senior librarian at GOSH, determined to provide equal access to such an essential research resource, overcame financial and organisational hurdles to ensure clinical as well as research staff are now able to use EndNote via a site licence.

That means they’re able to keep abreast of all the latest literature, therapies and techniques – and the ultimate beneficiaries are, of course, the children they treat. Posted in Tagged,. A leading supplier of commercial building products used to rely on a library of spreadsheets for its engineering calculations. It meant a lot of tedious manual work: data entry, checking and verifying, cross-referencing and so on. Then two years ago they appointed a new Head of Engineering who was a long-time user. He quickly saw an opportunity to streamline and enhance the company’s engineering processes and began a project to convert all those spreadsheets into Mathcad documents.

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His words sum up nicely what we’ve been saying for years: “Mathcad gives you much tighter control on the input data, with checks on the units and logic, and a powerful but straightforward programming language. In addition, the output is a well-presented calculation sheet that is easy for the client to understand.” With Eurocodes becoming a design standard in civil and structural engineering, Mathcad delivers even more, “with drag and drop modules that allow engineers to pull the relevant parts of the codes into their calculations.” Automating so many previously manual steps speeds the design flow, eliminates data entry errors and makes it easy to test various scenarios to find the ideal design solution.

Why nor to read all about his experiences? Posted in Tagged.

Measuring time-related data and counting events are basic to countless data acquisition applications, and they often fulfil critical timing functions as components of complex measurement systems. They’re simple in concept and specific in function, but essential in so many products and systems today. Our friends at Measurement Computing, those developers of DAQ devices that match the best in industry in everything except price, have just come up with a couple of USB counter/timers with just about the most advanced functionality we’ve ever seen in such devices, yet they’re surprisingly inexpensive. High-level input modes include totalise, period measurement, pulse-width measurement, and timing measurement.

Timer output channels can operate continuously or for a specified pulse count, with duty cycle and period changeable on the fly. Counter and digital channels can also be scanned synchronously. Flexible edge, level, direction and debounce settings allow the counters to adapt optimally to user signals.

You can choose between models with 4 or 8 counter I/Os. They offer high-speed pulse counting up to 48 MHz input frequency. Resolution is programmable up to 64 bits per counter, with an aggregate scan rate of 8 MB/sec.

Four independent PWM timer outputs and 8 digital I/O are also provided. Sound like they’re likely to meet your needs?. Posted in Tagged.

Oceanic oxygen levels are declining Collaborative Research Centre 754 presents results on oxygen minimum zones September 3, 2018 / Kiel. For more than 10 years, scientists from Kiel University and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel have been working on physical, biological and chemical processes in the tropical ocean. The Collaborative Research Centre 754 'Climate Biogeochemical Interactions in the Tropical Ocean' focuses in particular on the study of oxygen-depleted regions in the world's oceans. As part of a major international conference with more than 300 scientists from 33 countries coming to Kiel from September 3 to 7, new results will be presented and discussed. Over the past 50 years, oxygen has decreased by two percent in the global ocean. The volume of oxygen-depleted waters, has grown more than fourfold. What are the reasons for this?

What changes are to be expected in the future? What are the consequences for the marine ecosystems and the climate system? These questions, among others, will be discussed at an international conference in Kiel this week, organized by the Collaborative Research Centre 754. 'About 10 years ago, when we began to focus more intensively on the complex physical-biogeochemical relationships in the ocean, we had only very fragmentary knowledge about the oxygen minimum zones which were regarded as `boring` by many scientists,' says Prof. Andreas Oschlies, spokesperson of the SFB754 from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. 'Nevertheless, the supply of nutrients and oxygen is of vital importance, especially for the very productive areas of the world's ocean off Peru and West Africa,' Oschlies continues. Due to climate change low-oxygen zones are spreading, nutrient cycles and living conditions are changing, with potentially long-range effects on the state of the ocean, the Kiel scientist states.

Not only results of the Kiel Collaborative Research Centre will be discussed at the conference. Experts from all over the world and various scientific disciplines will come together to present and discuss their latest research. 'It is a challenge, comparable to putting together a big puzzle jointly with many other players,' says Prof.

He as well as his colleagues from the Kiel SFB hope that the intensive exchange with world-leading experts will provide important impulses for the final synthesis phase of the project, which ends next year. 'I am impressed by what the scientists have achieved in this major project,' says Karin Prien, Minister of Education, Science and Cultural Affairs of the state of Schleswig-Holstein at the opening of the conference. 'Particularly noteworthy is the interdisciplinary collaboration of researchers from various disciplines at Kiel University and GEOMAR', Prien continues. 'Their results impressively show how closely interlinked the physical, chemical and biological processes in the oceans are and how they are changing,' says the Minister of Science. 'There are not many places in the world where such research is possible,' says GEOMAR director Prof.

Peter Herzig. 'Here in Kiel, we have both the technical expertise and the necessary infrastructure to deal comprehensively with such a complex topic,' continues Herzig. The Collaborative Research Centre 754, which has been funded by the German Research Foundation for more than 10 years, provides a unique opportunity to substantially advance knowledge on this topic, he emphasizes. 'I congratulate the colleagues on this extremely successful project and wish the conference every success'. Note: The Collaborative Research Centre 754 (SFB 754) 'Climate and Biogeochemical Interactions in the Tropical Ocean' was established in January 2008 as cooperation between Kiel University and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.

The SFB 754 investigates changes in ocean oxygen content, their potential impact on oxygen minimum zones and the consequences for the global interaction of the climate and biogeochemistry of the tropical ocean. The SFB 754 is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is in its third phase (2016-2019).

Andreas Villwock (GEOMAR, Communication and Media), Tel.: 0431/600-2802.