Fiery X3ety Drivers For Mac

Mac driver installation instructions OS X v10.8 1 Decompress.dmg file on the desktop. 2 If a previous version of the driver was installed on the system, click on the Fiery Software Uninstaller to remove the existing driver component and printer object. 3 Select the User Software folder and double click on the Fiery Driver installer.

I'm reaching out to the community here because EFI has been completely unhelpful here. Although we are dealing with Canon printers, the issue isn't Canon in this case.

Our Canon rep has been more than helpful in trying to get answers from EFI, but ultimately EFI isn't offering much up in terms of a solution which to me is absolutely insane considering their customers are in the enterprise. The new Fiery drivers for OS X 10.11 El Capitan state that older Fiery drivers need to be uninstalled before installing the new drivers otherwise there will be some problems which are documented in their release notes. The uninstaller is of course a part of the driver download, but it's all GUI. Release notes: Has anyone figured out a way to use their uninstaller to uninstall Fiery drivers through the command line silently?

Obviously manually uninstalling software does not scale. I've thought of doing a before and after snapshot to see what is installed by drivers, but that certainly won't include any logic built into their uninstaller. I've also made a thread about it here: P.S.

  • EFI is in the process of releasing the following updated software to support Mac OS 10.10: Fiery Printer Drivers - EFI will begin posting updated drivers versions on October 17 in the Download Center. Please use these updated printer drivers with Mac OS 10.10; existing Fiery printer drivers are not supported with Mac OS 10.10.
  • Fiery Drivers and Mac OS Fiery Printer Driver Patch for Mac OS Fiery VUE Fiery Go Fiery Dashboard EFI Passport Tech note: Troubleshooting Fiery Issues Tech.

I just need to add that I really really hate EFI. What a horrible company to deal with. Absolutely atrocious support. Can you use composer to snapshot an uninstall then go back into the 'Snapshots' folder and use the items listed in 'Deleted Files' to create an uninstall script? You can even right click on the Deleted Files list and it will offer to make a post flight script for you.

You could either load that script in an empty package and run it as an uninstaller or load it as a preflight script in the new install package you make. Just an idea. I've had to do it for bluecoat in the past when they were using.app installers and uninstallers. I'm aware that's always an option, but its.dirty. I would lose the logic built into the uninstaller which knows how to detect its own drivers whether old or current along with print queues using those drivers. It's bad enough their installer has to be modified to be deployed properly, but if I follow this then I'm essentially attempting to recreate their uninstaller which may or may not cover every scenario of what drivers/versions may be installed on the client.

This isn't meant at you of course, but.is it too much to ask to have command line options available when your customers are in the enterprise? Its nuts that we pay for this POS.

And I just checked on my thread on the EFI forums and they posted helpful information!!! Here's the link: and the text for historical archiving: Fiery Software Uninstaller Commandline During silent uninstallation, FSU will not ask for any confirmation from user like closing running applications, asking for retaining preferences etc. In case if any application is running, it will close it and proceed for uninstallation without any confirmation from the user.

Usage: sudo FSU -s CurrentUserName Flag options.CurrentUserName can be provided as ”$USER ” or `whoami`. It is used to get the location of the user specific Library/Preferences folder.FSU = /Fiery Software Uninstaller.app/Contents/MacOS/Fiery Software Uninstaller.Flags- -rmAll - Remove all Fiery Applications, printers and drivers.rmApps - Remove all Fiery Applications.rmPrints - Remove all Printers.rmDrivs - Remove all Drivers.a “App1, App2” - Remove specified applications.

Application names must be separated by comma and complete list should be enclosed within “ “.arp 'App1, App2' - Remove specified applications but retain their preference files. Ex: For 'Fiery Command WorkStation' -p “Printer1, Printer2”- Remove specified printers. Printer names must be separated by comma and complete list should be enclosed within “ “.d “Driver1, Driver2” - Remove specified drivers.


Driver names must be separated by comma and complete list should be enclosed within “ “.getAllInstalledProducts - Get a list of all installed products.getInstalledDrivers - Get a list of all installed Fiery Drivers.getInstalledPrinters - Get a list of all printers using Fiery Drivers. Examples: sudo FSU -s “$USER” - rmAll sudo FSU -s “$USER” -rmApps sudo FSU -s “$USER” -rmPrints sudo FSU -s “$USER” -rmDrivs sudo FSU -s “$USER” -getAllInstalledProducts sudo FSU -s “$USER” -getInstalledDrivers sudo FSU -s “$USER” -getInstalledPrinters sudo FSU -s “$USER” -a “Command WorkStation 5, HotFolders” sudo FSU -s “$USER” -p “,” sudo FSU -s “$USER” -d “Driver1, Driver2” This makes a bit more sense too. The other day I took the uninstaller binary and opened it in a text editor which actually shows some of this code. Except a lot of it garbled up and not really readable (at l;east not readable enough to make sense of all the flags and usage, syntax, etc). I'm not saying I'm elated, but at least I have something to play with tomorrow. I'll throw out that the 'need to uninstall the previous driver' has been a statement in EFI's previous Fiery installer Read Me's, so that's nothing new to 10.11.

That said, anyone who is distributing Fiery drivers should probably be using smart groups to verify the Fiery Features (FF) Printer Dialog Extension (PDE) version if they're upgrading across major OS X versions (e.g. 10.9 - 10.10) in place. This is since EFI can't be bothered to make a single FF PDE that works across all versions of OS X.

For example, the 'FD47' revision (version taken from the name of the dmg downloaded from EFI's site) Fiery driver for the Ricoh C3503 with E-22C 1.0 Fiery supports 10.6-10.10. When installed, the PDE that placed (EF246444 (FF).plugin) on the computer could be (as sourced from the pkg):.

10.0 - 10.6: PluginX64, CFBundleShortVersionString 10.7 - 10.9: PluginX64sandbxdynppd, CFBundleShortVersionString 10.10+: PluginX64yosemite, CFBundleShortVersionString But note the PDE is still named 'EF246444 (FF).plugin'. If you upgrade OS X across one of the boundaries defined above, you may need to (and probably should) reinstall the driver (yes, the exact same pkg you installed before the OS upgrade) lest you run into an issue like this: (thanks to for the screenshot). EFI's pkgs run a close second to Creative Cloud Packager packages for madness level.

Don't forget to check out whether your EFI Fiery pkg includes the unpopular 'Fiery Printer Driver Installer.app' (my Ricoh drivers blessedly don't include it for some reason). Your EFI Fiery pkg might not work out of the box or may pop up interesting dialogs, prompts, and applications. Hey, thanks for the extra notes. I had only deployed the drivers previously on newly built machines with Yosemite so it wasn't really an issue at that point to uninstall since there was nothing to uninstall.

I also never saw the notes regarding uninstalling the drivers in previous release notes. I noticed the same thing as you did regarding the extension when dealing with these drivers on Yosemite (we were testing some issues with SMB vs LPD; short of it is that SMB caused a 30 second delay in the print dialog in Yosemite which has improved to 5 second delay with the El Capitan drivers). And any other EFI customers.I had meeting with their technical engineers.

They were quite receptive and I've provided them some feedback to make things a bit more enterprise friendly. I've also pointed them to your comment regarding the Fiery Features Print Dialog Extension.

To recap what I shared with them: Packaging Commandments: One immediate improvement that can have an immediate impact for enterprise customers: -Make documentation/whitepapers available on how to deploy and uninstall drivers in an enterprise environment so that admins do not have to come up with their own solutions and dig deep into the EFI driver installer package and tear it apart. Specifically the uninstall documentation was greatly appreciated. Topics discussed for improvements for deploying drivers in an enterprise environment: -Enterprise friendly way to deploy install drivers without the Install Wizard appearing using the command line -Add the uninstall of old EFI drivers when installing new EFI drivers. Since admins are being asked to uninstall the drivers before installing new drivers, may as well force it.


Although, in doing this take into account that some people may want to remove the drivers, but not necessarily the print queues. Not sure if that's possible or not, but I'll leave that task up to you to determine the best way to handle that.Make the installation of the Fiery Driver Updater optional as most enterprise environments have to test drivers before deploying.Look into using getopts as opposed to multiple nested if statements. Here is one of many articles you can find online about it.

Just a minor update: I took a look at the Fiery Features (FF) Printer Dialog Extension (PDE) version. But in our case there are only two versions and they both have the same version. So even that isn't consistent across all Fiery drivers. May not effect you, but figured I'd mention it in case someone else tries to follow that technique. FWIW Our Fiery is an F200 for the Canon C700.

So in speaking to the developers, the reason they added that GUI was because admins were asking for it. As you may imagine, not everyone has the same skill set and not every environment is the same. So in situations where the end user has to install on their own, that GUI comes in handy. Or in places where techs are manually installing things. This is what it was like for me in Higher Ed so I can empathize with the request. Unfortunately, it complicate things for admins who like to deploy things silently and in the background. Fortunately, it's possible to break apart their installer.

Hopefully the feedback I gave them will allow them to improve upon this process so they can appease the various environments they support. We've been silently installing the latest version that works with our model Fierys at my site, 'ic415v20PSmacOSX10v47R.' We loaded the 'Fiery Printer Driver.pkg' straight out of their DMG into JSS. We have been deploying it without any modifications as part of an imaging configuration, or if we need to install it (and map the printer) to someone's existing computer silently via Casper Remote.

Placing the Uninstaller app in the target drive is trivial. Asus mw221u driver for mac. I will experiment with the command line trigger for the uninstaller you posted to see if it works with our version of the software. It'll come in handy when our lease is up (in a couple of years), and we need to upgrade to a new version.

Thanks for that. It's great that you've got a dialogue going with the developers. I can understand the advantages you described. I just think it'd be best to have both options, or at least some instructions/documentation on how to silently deploy, that's officially supported rather than gleaned from a forum like this one and having to essentially hack the installer, as that's a common requirement in enterprise environments. I must admit I hadn't seen your post above, and I see you've already fed that request back to them, which is great.

I have written an AutoPkg recipe for revision 'FD50' Fiery drivers. While researching the drivers, I encountered a few things:. Revision FD50 drivers now have an postinstall (installation) script that recognizes a command line installation. Revision FD50 drivers seem to have consistent postinstall scripts across all printer/RIP models. Revision FD50 drivers will abort installation of the Fiery Driver Updater if it doesn't exist My goal is to remove the Fiery Driver Updater and then repack the package so a command line installation is silent and doesn't include the driver updater. I wrote the recipes.

The workflow is as follows:. Navigate to EFI's and find your driver. You should pick a driver that specifically supports OS X 10.11, since this appears to be one of calling cards of a revision FD50 driver. Start the driver download and then obtain the direct URL of the downloaded file. In Safari you can right-click on the file in the download window to obtain the URL.

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Fiery X3ety Drivers For Mac

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Fiery x3ety drivers for mac

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'.:, ' '.,.: Systemand/or Language, please check the compatibility documents to identify if your drivers are planned for delivery. Compatibility with Windows and Mac. Windows Print Driver for DocuColor / / with built-in Fiery controller. Patch (J9XON) for DocuColor / / with Built-in Fiery Controller. Product downloads for DocuColor // documents to identify if your drivers are planned for delivery.

Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS X. Product downloads for DocuColor // Drivers & Downloads Documentation Contact for delivery. Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS X. Xerox Environment, Health & Safety Windows and Mac OS X Compatibility information. Associated Product. DocuColor // Built-in Fiery Controller. PostScript Printer Driver for DocuColor // Description.

Macinosh OS EFI Utilities for Macintosh OS, version and lower. Xerox Docucolor built-in Fiery Controllers Support Some drivers compatible with your system, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OSX and Linux. This package supports the following driver models:Xerox DocuColor // latest drivers compatible for Mac OS X the Xerox DocuColor I have installed this driver and tried printing to a DocuColor EFI Fiery Color Server for Xerox DocuColor // Mac OS drivers on Windows and Mac OS computers, establish printing connections. Before using the EFI Fiery Color Server for Xerox DocuColor //, make. Page 40 Mac OS related Constrained Mac printer driver At install, you may. You can grab the PPD file from the Mac OS printer drivers. (This requires that you have a Mac, so you can open test.ru disk images that.

For me, this worked for the Efi Fiery on the Xerox fixed the plug-in permissions so the driver would no longer throw the 'not properly. Xerox Docucolor driver Downloads for Mac OS X, Mac OS X, Description:Windows 8 Driver for DocuColor // with. I'm trying to figure out how to install a DC on a mac no luck. You'll need to download the printer driver from xerox website if your mac OS. Xerox DocuColor // is a single color laser photocopy printer product made for Xerox DocuColor Driver For Mac Os X We have just got a new Xerox, not the copier type but it's a real digital printer. It is a Xerox, it is superb for colour none to bad on paper. Section 1 — Introducing the Xerox DocuColor / / Printer-Copier.

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Fiery Driver (bidirectional) support for. Xerox DocuColor / / Mac OS® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. As an ENERGY STAR® partner, Xerox CUSTOM DRIVER. However, then I lose the much nicer Fiery print driver GUI with it's quick. Were originally designed to operate with Creo work flows from a MAC environment. I then printed to the xerox docucolor / fiery X3eTY RIP Fiery driver set to.

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EtherTalk, Macintosh, and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. PCL, HP-GL A guide for installing print drivers, configuring the printer environment, etc. Refer to 'Importing with the WebDAV Protocol' (P). Other see details Time left: My question is, is a DC.

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Compatible Xerox DocuColor WorkCentre Toner The free Xerox Mobile Express Driver lets you find and print to any. Post explains all the steps required to do a factory reset to a Mac running OS X 10. I'm having problems finding drivers for this printer. I called Xerox and they're t.