Elegant Reader Ask Hn: Simple Screen Recorder For Mac

I'm pretty sure none (or very little) of this would be possible without HN and the. In my team/self/product or am I just being stubborn and not reading the signs? You wouldn't even need to mine it - If I'm asking someone else to type the URL in, it is easy to say 'example.com'. VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 takes its award-winning platform and adds Split Screen video, elegant titling tools, and new quick-edit controls. Tap into 2,000+ fun and sophisticated effects, play with speed, edit 360 videos, and tell your story from multiple angles! The 4 Best Apps For Recording Calls On Your Phone. A big red button appears on screen during calls — you need to tap on this and then set up a conference call between you, your.

Notes:. The shortcuts in this topic refer to the US keyboard layout. Keys for other layouts might not correspond exactly to the keys on a US keyboard. Commands that require you to press and release multiple keys together are indicated with a plus sign (+).

Commands that require you to press multiple keys in order are indicated by a comma sign (,). The settings in some versions of the Mac operating system (OS) and some utility applications might conflict with keyboard shortcuts and function key operations in Office 2016 for Mac. For information about changing the key assignment of a keyboard shortcut, see Mac Help for your version of the Mac OS or see your utility application. Also see Shortcut conflicts later in this topic.

In this topic. Frequently used shortcuts This table provides the frequently used shortcuts in Word 2016 for Mac. To do this Press Undo the last action + Z or Control + Z Cut selected text or graphics + X or Control + X Copy selected text or graphics to the Clipboard + C or Control + C Paste the Clipboard contents + V or Control + V Choose the Go To command (Edit menu) Option + + G Open the Spelling and Grammar dialog box Option + + L Extend a selection F8 Go to the next window + Grave accent ( ` ) Choose the Save As command (File menu). Tip: If you know the key combination to move the cursor, you can generally select the text by using the same key combination while holding down Shift.

Books.google.co.th - Title page -- Contents -- Introduction -- Editorial -- Acknowledgements -- The Impact of Telemedicine on Health Care Management -- The G8-Global Health Care Applications Project (GHAP) and its Role for the Development of National Telemedicine Activities -- International Concerted Actionon Collaboration. The Impact of Telemedicine on Health Care Management. Aethra driver for mac.

For example, + Right arrow moves the cursor to the next word, and + Shift + Right arrow selects the text from the cursor to the beginning of the next word. Tips:. To display a column's measurements in the ruler when you resize the column, press Option with these shortcut keys. To finely adjust a column width, turn off snap-to functionality by pressing Option with the shortcut keys. Note: Changing system function key preferences affects how the function keys work for your Mac, not just Word.

After changing this setting, you can still perform the special features printed on a function key. Just press the Fn key. For example, to use the F12 key to change your volume, press Fn+F12.

Change function key preferences with the mouse. On the Apple menu, press System Preferences. Select Keyboard.

On the Keyboard tab, select the check box for Use all F1, F2, etc. Keys as standard function keys. Function key shortcuts To do this Press Undo the last action F1 Cut selected text or graphics F2 Copy selected text or graphics to the clipboard F3 Paste the Clipboard contents F4 Choose the Go To command (Edit menu) F5 Open the Spelling and Grammar dialog box F7 Extend a selection F8 Update selected fields. F9 Go to the next window + F6 Copy selected text Shift + F2 Change letters to uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case Shift + F3 Repeat a Find or Go To action Shift + F4 or + Shift + F4 Move to the previous insertion point Shift + F5 Open the Thesaurus pane Shift+ F7 Shrink a selection Shift+ F8 Switch between a field code and its result. Shift + F9 Go to the previous field This keyboard shortcut conflicts with a default Mission Control key for Show Desktop.

To use this Office keyboard shortcut, you must first change the Show Desktop shortcut for this key. On the Apple menu, click System Preferences Mission Control. Under Keyboard and Mouse, choose another shortcut for Show Desktop, or choose – (minus sign) to turn it off.

Notes:. Keyboard shortcut descriptions refer to the U.S. Keyboard layout. Keys on other keyboard layouts might not correspond to the keys on a U.S.

Elegant Reader Ask Hn: Simple Screen Recorder For Mac

Keyboard shortcuts for laptop computers might also differ. The settings in some versions of the Macintosh operating system and some utility applications might conflict with keyboard shortcuts and function key operations in Office. For information about changing the key assignment of a keyboard shortcut, see Mac Help for your version of the Macintosh operating system or see your utility application. The following list includes keyboard shortcuts for only the most common tasks.

To list all Word commands and keyboard shortcuts, on the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Macros. On the Macros in pop-up menu, click Word commands, and then in the Macro name box, type ListCommands, click Run, and then select the options that you want.

In this topic. Tip: If you know the key combination to move the cursor, you can generally select the text by using the same key combination while holding down SHIFT. For example, + RIGHT ARROW moves the cursor to the next word, and + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW selects the text from the cursor to the beginning of the next word. Tips:. To display a column's measurements in the ruler when you resize the column, press OPTION with these shortcut keys. To finely adjust a column width, turn off snap-to functionality by pressing OPTION with the shortcut keys. To Press the shortcut keys, and then drag a column boundary Move a single column line Retain table width No key Retain column sizes to the right Change table width SHIFT Equally resize all columns to the right Retain table width + SHIFT Proportionally resize all columns to the right Retain table width Inserting paragraphs and tab characters in a table To insert Press New paragraphs in a cell RETURN Tab characters in a cell OPTION + TAB Data merge To use the following keyboard shortcuts, you must first set up a data merge.

To Press Merge a document CONTROL + SHIFT + N Edit a data-merge data document CONTROL + SHIFT + E Check for errors CONTROL + SHIFT + K Insert a merge field CONTROL + SHIFT + F Footnotes and endnotes To insert Press A footnote + OPTION + F An endnote + OPTION + E See also Technical support for customers with disabilities Microsoft wants to provide the best possible experience for all our customers. If you have a disability or questions related to accessibility, please contact the for technical assistance. The Disability Answer Desk support team is trained in using many popular assistive technologies and can offer assistance in English, Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. Please go to the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk site to find out the contact details for your region. If you are a government, commercial, or enterprise user, please contact.

I'm recommending only free software here. Adium for chat. It is just awesome.

Elegant Reader Ask Hn Simple Screen Recorder For Mac

If you just want an app launcher spotlight is already good at that. edit: updated link to point to the recent versions 3. Caffeine is small program which puts an icon on menu bar on which you can click to prevent your Mac from going to sleep,dimming the screen etc. Very useful when watching long flash movies. MPlayer This is a video player which plays almost anything you can offer. Also comes with excellent keyboard shortcuts support making it the best video player on any platform. Most people prefer VLC though 5.

Flip4Mac For those videos that MPlayer plays poorly, typically WMVs Flip4Mac provides a fee codec which integrates with your quicktime player. HandBrake For ripping your DVDs to MPEG4, there is no better tool. If you use twitter, tweetie is the best mac twitter client by far. Virtualbox This virtualization product from Sun Microsystems totally eliminates the need for parallels or Vmware if you plan to use the VM sparingly. I find the OS X, menu calendar extremely limted. Eigenclock is a good replacement 11.

Onyx for system tweaking 12. Transmission - bittorrent client. This list is great.

Here's some more 'FREE' software (some would appreciate a donation/purchase but are not crippled): 1. This may be obvious but as of the latest version, you don't gain much from a corporate email program like Entourage. I use Apple Mail, with IMAP and Google Apps for Your Domain. One account has 3.8GB of email and another has 4.1GB, according to Google.

It scales fine and stays in sync across devices. Plus Address Book links to Google Contacts, and iCal links to Google Calendar. I prefer MagiCal rather than Eigenclock as it includes options to put 'yyyy-mm-dd day hh:mm:ss' by the Spotlight icon, with day clickable for the calendar. I like SpeakTime for putting a row of glance-able analog clocks at the lower left of my screen (semi-transparent so they look like part of the background) to be aware of alternate time zones. I use Skitch for screengrabs with annotations to share with colleagues/clients. I use Serverskine to keep track of server logins. I use Foxmarks to keep bookmarks in sync across all browsers and computers.

I don't use QuickSilver, Spotlight gets the job done. I'd also recommend the following paid apps depending on your needs: 1. IWork '09 (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) for all office apps needs with MS Office 03-07 compatibility.

It's worth the $79 for the polish and usability. The 'free' alternative will cost more in the long run. OmniGraffle Pro for diagramming with Visio (even Visio binary file) compatibility. OmniPlan for MS Project compatibility. Coda for text based web development. (Yes, TextMate is in my dock. But so is Coda.) 5.

1Password for credentials management across browsers and computers 6. Things for 'GTD' methodology (or OmniFocus for more features). Give me a fucking break.

It's a method of connecting to IRC. To the best of my knowledge, the various programs don't bestow special powers on people. They let you type lines of text and post them to a live room.

Occasionally they let you format messages. How is Mibbit for idiots? It lets me give URLs to people who want to join chat rooms, so if I want to invite somebody to a channel I don't have to say 'Download this, then fill out this and this and this in the boxes,' I can just link them and they click it and they're in. I can style it to my heart's desire.

It's customizable as anything. It supports tabs for multiple rooms at once. Others mentioned here are great. 1.) SteerMouse - tweak the mouse acceleration curve. If you're coming from a PC and you feel like your mouse doesn't move right, this will help. 2.) SizeUp - size and and position windows with hotkeys.

For example, quickly set two windows to use exactly one-half of the screen each. 3.) Expandrive - mount S3 buckets, ftp sites, sftp sites as network drives.

(Works great with textmate) 4.) Miro - excellent video player and torrent client with rss built in. Sort of like a torrent TIVO. 5.) Warp - adds some new methods for switching spaces. I have mine set to switch if I drag the mouse to a screen border while holding command. 6.) Also, if QuickSilver doesn't suit your tastes, give LaunchBar a try.

Getting used to using one of those two apps pays huge dividends. Here are some of my favs: 1) Quicksilver. (free) 2) VLC Media Player. (free) It plays pretty much every type of video file. (free) Essential for quick screenshots, and quick annotations of screenshots. (free - ad supported - or $20) The best native Mac app for Twitterring.

($54) It's handling of projects, bundles, etc. Is excellent. 6) HTTP Client.

(free) 7) OmniGraffle. ($100-$200) Excellent for constructing user flow diagrams. 8) The Hit List. ($50) It's one of the best GTD apps for the Mac. 9) TinkerTool.

Elegant Reader Ask Hn: Simple Screen Recorder For Mac

(free) For customizing OS X. (free) For easy access to hidden application preferences. 11) Sequel Pro. (free) For accessing MySQL databases in a nice GUI. (free) If you have a commonly accessed site, Fluid is great to create a SSB (site-specific browser) for it.

I have a Fluid SSB created for railsapi.com, which allows me to easily launch it with Quicksilver and start searching the Rails docs right away. Lots of excellent pointers from others.I'll add a few I haven't seen posted: - InstantShot: nice little screenshot utility (I use it daily) - VueScan: swiss-army knife of mac scanning apps if you need to hook up a scanner. Costs a little, but you get lifetime upgrades. Well worth it. LittleSnitch: network monitor.

Tracks what kind of network activity your apps are up to. Costs a little, but also worth it if you value your privacy. JollysFastVNC: fast and free VNC client (I've been using it over Chicken of the VNC). OmniDiskSweeper: Disk utility shows you which files are hogging up the most hard disk space. I also recommend many of Omni's other products. Omnigraffle (not free) is also excellent for diagramming.

Also, not mac specific, but the sqlite manager plugin for Firefox is also very helpful. I don't know where others go to find different Mac apps, I usually hit macupdate.com (and sometimes versiontracker) these days, mostly out of habit, but would love to hear other recs for this.

Some of the things I use: - DragThing; you will never miss Apple's Dock, this is an absolutely essential desktop enhancement, e.g. To create multiple tabbed docks anywhere you want, with themes.

OmniWeb (now free); I've tried many web browsers, and I like this best. Safari engine. MacTelnet (tabbed terminal).

It now works for local programs and not just servers, so I use it instead of Terminal. SnapzPro X (or alternatives), useful for doing more intelligent screenshots or video captures. DesktopCalendar (by Takashi Hamada), a really nice use of space and very configurable. Also has a menu option. Growl, for pretty and unobtrusive notification windows. This is actually really well supported by 3rd party applications. SCPlugin, if you're a Subversion user; nice Finder integration.

I've got my Macbook pro 6 months ago. The best thing I ever buy.

I'm programming and I use to use a Windows and a FreeBSD box before. Here, some free and commercial softwares I use everyday: 1.

Terminal: Visor - Quake-style terminal 2. Uninstaller: AppTrap 3. Quick remote filesharing: 5. IDEA: NetBeans or ZendStudio 6. Virtual machine: Parallels - 7.

Text editor: TextEdit or TextWrangler - 8. VPN: The native OSX thing does the job 9. Mobile sync/Addressbook: iSync does the job (Use to find your mobile plugin if iSync doesn't have it natively) 10.

SIP softphone: Telephone (works with Googlevoice+Gizmo5 and my local UK SIP provider) - 11. Notifier: Growl - 12. Movie player: VLC or Quicktime+Perian codecs - 13.

Chat: Adium 14: Desktop display: GeekTool. Controllermate - This is an outstanding program that allows you to customize almost any USB keyboard / mouse / controller / joystick to do exactly what you want, with a very clever and powerful graphical scripting environment. I have a Logitech Dual Action (with NO Logitech drivers instaled) wired up to switch spaces on the D-pad, volume on one joystick, screen brightness on the other.

One button plays and pauses iTunes. I use it to add volume buttons to my Das Keyboard.

No more crappy HID drivers. You can also create custom acceleration curves for mice.

Developer: Coda, Cornerstone, TextWrangler or BBEdit, iTerm, ForkLift, Querious, Changes, iChm Web Designer: CSSEdit, Flux, Dreamweaver, xScope, Xyle Scope, Picturesque Researcher: Evernote, DevonThink Pro, ConceptDraw MindMap User: LaunchBar, Overflow, Little Snitch, Super Duper Web Junkie: 1password, Firefox, Tweetie, NetNewsWire, ClamXav, DoorStop Firewall, Net Monitor Freelancer: TimeLog & GrandCentral Photographer: Photoshop CSx, Portrait Professional, Aperture 2, GraphicConverter, PhotoReview. I'm going to be a fuddy-duddy and say: most of these apps are not essential for the Mac. Lots of them are nice, but you can skip them entirely when you're just getting started. Here are the ones I consider absolute essentials for my daily work: MegaZoomer -lets you full-screen zoom any application. That mixed with TextEdit gives you the best word processor you'll ever need. Quicksiler - linked all over - this will fill in every hole you have in your computer usage.

I use it to fix a lot of shortcomings in iTunes, for instance, and while I don't use it as insanely as some people do, even light usage makes your life a lot easier. It's also a full-featured file browser, which is excellent. Perian -makes your life a lot easier when you're watching videos or listening to music, without forcing a reliance on the ugly VLC. GlimmerBlocker -Unless you use Firefox, this adds every feature you'll need to every browser you've got. (Firefox is an awful browser that rebuilds a lot of Mac features from the ground up, and so it isn't affected by this.) It blocks ads (selectively, so you can allow the ads you don't mind), blocks entire sites, and adds retroactive functionality to sites. The big one for me is the Youtube downloader. Growl -This one's really easy to abuse, but if you set it to notify you of all the really important things - FTP file uploads and long processes and so on - then you get a very nice way of keeping yourself informed of all your computer's goings-on.

Those are the ones that I absolutely need for my Mac. Here are the ones that are obscure-ish and rarely recommended and yet are terrific: Max -converts every format but wma, so your library stays neat and organized without any complaints about iTunes. Freedom -disables the Internet, so you can't procrastinate at all. FuzzyClock -makes your clock much more humane. Chax -Fixes a few things in iChat to make it an acceptable chat system (I really dislike Adium for a number of reasons).

I just went through the same thing. Follow me on twitter as I explore the world of OSX and my adventures with all things 'Hackintosh': @cericsmith Here's my list: 1Password - Perhaps the greatest piece of Mac OSX software.

You must try to believe it. Password storage/sync/creation/ID management at its finest. Unison - If Windows newsreaders hadn't stopped evolving around 1998, they might have come up with something like Unison in. MusicBrainz Picard - For fixing the 'Unknown Artist/Album' issues.

BluePhone Elite - Neat Smartphone/iPhone tricks with Bluetooth. Ever wanted to have your machine wake up or sleep when you were just out of range? This is an app for you. Toast Titanium 10 - Sure, Leopard can burn discs.

But Toast is much more than that, and it's elegance exceeds anything on Windows. ILife 09 - iPhoto's face rec. Is just cool, and iMovie beats the snot out of Movie Maker. Stuffit Deluxe 2009 - Not as necessary as it used to be, but still nice to have available. Parallels 4 - Many people like VMWare Fusion, but Parallels 4 has support for a lot more configuration of the VM - support for up to 8 processors, the ability to have VM's start off of CD and/or Disk Image/ISO, is killer.

Little Snitch - knowing when your applications are 'phoning home' is important. DiskWarrior - HFS+ disk maintanance package and more. Fix disk errors.

AppZapper - Yes, theoretically uninstalling apps on the Mac is straight forward, but AppZaper gets all the flotsom and jetsom that would otherwise be left behind. Great for nuking preference files, etc. ClamXav - Ok, we know that Mac's don't get virii, per se. But this cross-platform, donation-ware AV tool gives peace of mind when running random software you download from the Net. FileSpot - Spotlight is nice, but FileSpot takes it to another level.

GimmeSomeTune - integrates with iTunes and pulls/updates album art and lyrics, and works with Growl. Updates iChat status and images based on what you're listening to. HighLight - Instantly add file(s) or folders to your Spotlight search index. SimpleComic - a great comic PDF viewer.

TED - This program scours the usual suspects for new TV episodes and integrates with your favorite Torrent program to automatically download them! DropBox - 2GB of free, sync'ed cloud storage for your Mac (or PC/Linux box).

Incredible in conjunction with 1Password. The Unarchiver - Ok, so you don't like Stuffit? This will pull apart almost anything.

Movist - A media player based on ffmpeg/VNC that has a more polished UI than VNC. VNC - open and play anything.

Perian - Add the ability to open and play most media formats that ffmpeg can handle inside of QuickTime. Pixelmator - who needs Photoshop? This $50 application is the bees knees. Cool UI, great features. DoubleTwist - Part media manager, part file conversion utility.

If you need those TV shows on your PSP, this can handle it. Notably, doesn't support iPhone (yet). MPlayer OSX Extended - the benefits of Mplayer on OSX.

More polished than VNC, more stable (at this point) than Movist. FreeDMG - The ability to create Disk Images/.dmg files.

Tweetie - The newest and most controversial OSX Twitter program. Boxee - a '10 foot interface' for managing your media and Internet content sources such as Hulu. SuperDuper - quickly and easily clone your HFS drives. IWork 09 - Pages is what Powerpoint will never be - Fun.

Quicksilver - There are already explanations on this and I don't like Spotlight that much. MacPorts - If you are a developer or you're just an open-source lover, this is a must have app for you. It has 5811 open-source programs ready to install, easy.

( which is good. TexMate - My every day editor, I don't use another one besides this one. Adium - For chatting. PgAdmin - For PostgreSQL administration. I don't use MySQL that much. Growl - Another must have for system notifications, I don't realy know why Apple hasn't put one in OS X yet. OmniGraffle - For Visio projects and such.

Things - For task managing. Tweetie - The best Twitter client I've ever found. Transmission - For P2P file transfers. I don't like uTorrent very much. AppZapper - To uninstall programs.

Elegant Reader Ask Hn Simple Screen Recorder For Mac Free

When you delete an app some configuration files are left behind, with this program all the files related are also deleted. Evernote - Well. To take notes! Even better if you have an iPhone.

VMWare Fusion - For virtualization 14. Scribbles - For those moments when you get inspired and just want to make some draws:) 15. Adobe - Photoshop and Dreamweaver between others are a must. Teeworlds - Best game ever. Toast Titanium - For recording CD's and DVD's. ScreenFlow - To record your screen and make nice video editing These are not by 'like' order, they're by the order I remembered them. I wouldn't recomend installing iTerm because Terminal.app does the job nicely and it has tabs as well.

I'll had more if I remember some.