Download Photo Booth App For Mac

Eileen always throws awesome parties, thinking of every little detail, from the decorations to the games to the desserts. Yet, once in a while, she enlists a little from from me. She was looking to create a do-it-your-self photo booth for a small backyard party.

Download Photo Booth App For Mac

Photo Booth for Windows 7 is the non-official Windows port of the popular Mac app for taking photos with your webcam.Like the original app, Photo Booth for.


She had a backdrop and props planned and was looking for me to help her find a software program that would run on her laptop. To my dismay, I could not find any simple to use programs out there. Most of them you had to pay for, and the free ones were terrible. What seemed like a simple task was turning out to be quite problematic. Making the Photo Booth App So, I decided to just write my own photo booth software. By the end of the day, I churned out an app I dubbed Easy Photo Booth.

Eileen was totally impressed, and we’ve been using the app at parties ever since. Eileen likes to print out the filmstrips and include them with the thank you notes. Guests seem to love that 🙂 How the Photo Booth App Works My version was as simple and straightforward as they come. Setting Up Easy Photo Booth In front of the backdrop and props that Eileen set up, I placed a laptop (with a web camera) on a small table. The guests would then see themselves on the laptop screen.

Photo booth app free download

Easy instructions on how to proceed popped up. I even setup the software to save the film strip images to DropBox. This allowed me to run a slideshow on the large family room TV of a live photo stream from the photo booth (via a second laptop I had plugged into the TV). This way, other guests not taking pictures got to partake in the photo booth fun.

My photo booth software was a huge hit. It’s now a staple event at our parties, and even our friends/families have started using it for some of their events. So I wanted to make the software easily available for everyone for free. Download the Free App You can download a PC version of “easy photo booth” software below. I’m sorry, I don’t have a MacOS version of it, but I can port it over to Mac if I get a lot of requests for it. Using the Photo Booth App I made the photo booth app as simple and user-friendly as possible.

And it has been working out perfectly! To get an idea, here’s a screenshot of the program in action. There are simple options – such as Start Photo Booth, View Images, or Advanced mode, which provides more advanced options for the DIY photo booth app. Easy Photo Booth also offers an advanced mode if you want to fine tune the functionality: Here’s what the software shows the guests after taking their pictures: Film strip images like the picture above are generated from the software. It also saves the images individually in case you wanted to use a snapshot outside of the film strip. I also added an “overlay” feature, which superimposes foregrounds onto your images. Check it out in action below (I’m hiding behind some tree coverage): So if you’re looking for free and easy to use photo booth software for your party, you should definitely check out our photo booth app – Easy Photo Booth.

Download it using the link above 🙂.

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