Download Oracle Database Express Edition For Mac

  • Jan 7, 2018 - Generally, oracle database can run on windows and linux. Download and install Docker; Install the Kitematic extension (a gui tool for docker). Oracle docker image https://hub.docker.com/r/alexeiled/docker-oracle-xe-11g/.
  • If you would like to install Oracle on a Mac (OS X), please first follow the. Click on the “Downloads/Oracle Database 11g Express Edition” link to get to the.

Oracle Database Express 64-bit Edition (Oracle Database XE) is an entry-level, small-footprint database based on the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 code base. It's free to develop, deploy, and distribute; fast to download; and simple to administer. With Oracle Database XE, you can now develop and deploy applications with a powerful, proven, industry-leading infrastructure, and then upgrade when necessary without costly and complex migrations. Oracle Database XE 64-bit can be installed on any size host machine with any number of CPUs (one database per machine), but XE will store up to 11GB of user data, use up to 1GB of memory, and use one CPU on the host machine. Oracle Database XE is a great starter database for:. Developers working on Node.js, Python, PHP, Java,.NET, XML, and Open Source applications.


Oracle Database Express Edition Download

If you're running a 32-bit version of Windows, choose the 'Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2 for Windows x32' file. If you're running Linux, then choose the 'Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2 for Linux x64' file.

DBAs who need a free, starter database for training and deployment. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and hardware vendors who want a starter database to distribute free of charge. Educational institutions and students who need a free database for their curriculum.

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