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You might want to check out the line of products. I use and it's a really great all-in-one tool for many DBs, including MySQL, Postgres, SQLITE, Oracle, and MS SQL Server.

Top 7 Database Diagram Tool Download. StarUML is the database diagram software specifically designed for Mac platform users. The software is compatible with UML 2.0 standard with a support of total 11 kinds of diagrams including class, object, and user case. Other features supported by the software include ERD support for Entity. Need a sequence diagram tool for Mac OS X? Visual Paradigm enables Mac users to design software with UML 2.0 sequence diagram notations. Make UML diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes and more. Our diagramming software and visual communication tools improve team collaboration and workflow.


It includes a Model tab where you can view and edit existing DBs or create de novo ones, sketch everything out, define relationships, export SQL, have access to an auto-layout function, and all sorts of other goodies. There are several versions stepping up to the Premium product, including a separate program, so you'll have to browse around to see what fits your needs. It will set you back a little bit of cash, depending on the version, but you can download a 30-day free trial to make sure it's what you need. I hope this helps! I also use Vertabelo and I can recommend it, too.

It is 100% web-based. You can work on your models either in Chrome, or in Safari (the support for Safari browser was added a few month ago).


Vertabelo's graphical tools for designing database models are simply amazing! Simple and intuitive, and yet very comprehensive and professional. There's no desktop license, no downloads and no installation. You can work remotely from any computer connected to the web. If you would like to get to know how Vertabelo works, you can try it without any registration.

Vertabelo is an online database designer working under Chrome developed by company I work for. The most important feature of this tool is that it allow to share database models across the team and collaborate on them via web browser. Others Vertabelo features include:. Model versioning. Support for PosgreSql, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, SQLite, HSQLDB. Dynamic/Visual search. Live database model validation.

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Marvel puzzle quest cheats. Reverse engineering Vertabelo is free to use for smaller projects (up to 3 models and 20 tables within each model) and have commercial versions for larger database projects.