Dell E198wfp Monitor Driver For Mac

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I have an old HP computer with the intel 915 integrated graphics adapter and Dell E198WFP monitor. I just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 8. With XP, I was able to set my resolution to 1440x900, now with Windows 8, this resolution is not an option. Even with 'all display modes' shown, there are no widescreen resolutions available.


So every photo is distorted. Windows 8 applies the 'Microsoft Basic Display Adapter' driver and I can not install an intel driver. Is there a fix or workaround for this?

I just want my screen to have the right proportions. Thank you in advance! Oh, and if I could upgrade my graphics card I would.

I have an agp and a pci-e card, but neither slot is on this motherboard. Original Title: Widescreen resolution was possible before upgrade to windows 8.

Dell Monitor Drivers For Mac

Now it is not, how do I fix?