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CPanel Web Disk also supports connection from other devices and platforms, such as Mac, Linux, Android, iOS. You can also access files on your Web Disk from your mobile on the go. Using an iPhone? Outlook for Mac 2011 Outlook works well with the IMAP mail server which is included with your cPanel account. We recommend an IMAP Account if you routinely access your mail with more than one computer, or if you think you may be adding a Personal Digital Assistant or Smart Phone. Setting Up Outlook with IMAP on Mac. CPanel email account setup in Mail on macOS Sierra (SMTP/POP3) This tutorial will show you how to set cPanel email account in Mail application on macOS Sierra using IMAP for incoming and SMTP for outgoing mail.

. You can only access this interface if your hosting provider has enabled FTP services on your serve. If the account uses a dedicated IP address, you can use your cPanel account's username and password to log in to FTP. Otherwise, you must use the full FTP account username (account, at-symbol, and domain name) and password to log in to FTP. You can use your cPanel account's username and password to log in to FTP. SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) allows you to transfer files over a secure connection.

For more information about SFTP, read our documentation. To view past FTP connections to your site, navigate to the interface ( cPanel Home Metrics Raw Access).

Add FTP Account To create an FTP account, perform the following steps:. Enter the desired username in the Log In text box. Select the desired domain from the Domain menu. If your server uses the FTP server, you cannot use quotas.

For more information, contact your hosting provider. To change an FTP account's quota, perform the following steps:. Click Change Quota for the FTP account for which you wish to change the quota. Enter the disk space quota, or select Unlimited. Click Change Quota. Delete To remove an FTP account, perform the following steps:. Click Delete for the FTP account that you wish to remove.


Click the desired deletion option:. Delete Account — Remove the FTP account only.

Cpanel For Mac

This will not remove the files that the FTP account's home directory contains. Delete Account and Files — Remove the FTP account and all of the files that the FTP account's home directory contains. You must install the FTP client on your computer before you download and run the script file. For instructions, visit the or websites for Windows computers, or the website for Mac computers. If you encounter problems when you try to automatically configure your FTP client, ensure that your client is properly installed on your computer. If problems persist, consult your FTP client’s documentation.

Cpanel For Mac

To configure an FTP client, perform the following steps:. Click Configure FTP Client for the desired FTP account. Click FTP Configuration File under the desired FTP client's logo. You can choose between FileZilla™, Core FTP, or Cyberduck. Currently only supports these three FTP clients for auto-configuration. To use another client, manually configure the client yourself. Click Instructions to view detailed instructions for your chosen client.

Cpanel For Mac

Open the configuration script file that downloaded to your computer. The FTP client automatically opens, configures itself, and connects to your FTP server. Special FTP Accounts The Special FTP Accounts section of the interface lists your cPanel account's administrative FTP accounts. These include your cPanel account's primary FTP account and a log maintenance account. For information on how to configure an FTP client to access one of these accounts, read the section of this document.

Cpanel For Mac

Follow the steps below to configure a new account on Mac Mail to send and receive email from the email accounts created on your cPanel Shared Hosting service. Steps:., if you have not already done so., including your username, password and the incoming and outgoing server names. You will need to if you can't remember it. Open Mac Mail. If this is the first time you have opened Mac Mail the setup wizard will start. If this happens skip to step 5 below.

If this doesn't happen click Mail followed by Preferences. You will see an Account Summary page. Ensure all the information is correct then click Create. Mac Mail should now be able to send and receive email using your new account. Using email on multiple devices: If you are using the same email account on multiple devices - for example another PC and/or smartphone or tablet, you will need to leave messages on the server long enough for them to be accessed by each device.

Importance of healthy eating on flowvella. This guide shows you how to increase the time Mac Mail stores emails it downloads:.