Cp210x Usb To Uart Bridge Controller Drivers For Mac

  1. Cp2102 Usb To Uart Bridge Controller Driver
  • Here is said that 'it appears the v5.x SiLabs driver is completely broken on macOS. Fortunately the v4.x driver, which is included in the 'Legacy MacVCP Driver'.
  • CP210x USB To UART Bridge Controller driver is a windows driver. Common questions for CP210x USB To UART Bridge Controller driver Q: Where can I download the CP210x USB To UART Bridge Controller driver's driver?

Jan 13, 2016 - Question How can I troubleshoot my Mac Virtual COM Port (VCP) driver installation? Answer Plug in the device, then use the following.

Cp2102 Usb To Uart Bridge Controller Driver

I cannot seem to get theCP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Driver to work on my mac running OS X 10.10.3, the driver installs without issue it seems but when I try to configure my Davis Vue weather station the communications panel only offers me bluetooth network, no virtual com ports show at all, yet all works ok on my old windows machine. I also loaded parallels and windows 8.1, then the windows version of the weather link software but though I was given the option to detect which com port the weather station was on (com port 3) it could not detect it and again failed to connect. Does anyone know of a solution? I read on the apple forum that someone called Chris from this forum had solved the issue but the link in the post was dead. Solution: The problems indeed the CP210x UART driver, not so much the driver but the installation of the driver. After double clicking to extract you must make sure you mount the installer and then click the mounted installer and install from the window that pops up, if you try to double click the installer file in downloads it fails.

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Cp210x usb to uart bridge driverDrivers

When you install weather link make sure to download the java version required, then when you run setup choose silicon labs usb art from the drop down menu. This worked fine for me and the station is now up and running.