Configurator V4 Software For Mac

This document details the release of software PSW0303-11; version 2.20 of the Malvern Access Configurator (MAC) software. V4.6.1 or later framework must also to be installed. Installing the software The software comes as a single executable installer (setup.exe). The executable installer will be found on the CD supplied.

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Download Apple Configurator 2

If you are in need of maintaining, configuring, securing and deploying a multitude of iOS devices, then Apple Configurator 2 may just be the tool you're looking for. What is Apple Configurator 2 Targeted toward schools and businesses, Apple Configurator 2 is a free macOS tool that allows you to manage all of the iOS devices in your organization from a central location. What does it do?

With Apple Configurator 2, you can configure USB-connected devices all in one go. You can update software, manage apps, lock down options, and check device information. You can use large enterprise options like licensing management and Blueprint that ensures uniformity across similar devices. It manages iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV devices running a minimum of iOS 7. Who else can use Apple Configurator 2 Anyone! In fact, I'll be using it to mange my ever-growing library of iOS devices including 4 Apple TVs, 4 iPhones, and 4 iPads. Instead of having to go to each device and initiate an OS update, for example, I'll be able to do everything at the same time, saving me a bunch of time.

It being a free tool is an extra bonus. How to install Apple Configurator 2 Apple Configurator 2 manages your iOS devices but is a macOS application.


Launch the Mac App Store. Click Install App. Once installed, you can click Open. Accept the License Agreement.

Quake for mac. Next you'll be prompted to migrate to the new version of Apple Configurator 2 if you've already run the older version 1 software. Click Next.

Click Next to apply the migration configuration. Click Next to accept to migrate any previous device backups.

Sales Configurator Software

Click Next to accept to migrate and previous Blueprints. Click Close once the migration is complete. If you're new to using Apple Configurator tour, you can get a short overview by clicking Take a quick tour on the start screen.