Cgtalk Houdini 9.5 Public Beta Available For Mac

Since switching over to Intel processors, the Mac is now capable of running practically any operating system. The simplest option is to use Boot Camp to create a dual-boot system that can run Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista. A more flexible solution is to run Mac OS X and one or more additional operating systems at the same time. To run another operating system within Mac OS X, you’ll need a special virtualization program like.

Although the program has been available for over a year, the company has recently released a version 2 beta to give you a glimpse of its upcoming features. Apple on Wednesday unveiled Airport Utility 5.3.2 for, and users, offering enhancements for users with an Airport Express or Extreme Base Station, or Time Capsule. As with most recent Apple updates, details are scarce. Since the update is a minor version release, it most likely contains bug fixes, operational optimizations, slightly improved features, and similar tweaks. The updates are available from Apple’s support web site, or through Software Update, under the Apple menu.

The biggest list of game development resources on the web. Thinkbox Software has launched beta builds of Deadline 6.2 – the latest iteration of its high. An update to the Jigsaw-related scripts that fix some issues and further improve the feature is available from the same Deadline 6.1 download location as the main installers! Smith Micro Software Anime Studio 9/9.5, MAXON CINEMA 4D 15, Side.


Tags:, Posted in,. The iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking application was revealed on Friday to support the new v2.0 iPhone OS, the final version of will ship next month. A post in the developer’s blog reveals that the application enables support for the device on many international networks, including AT&T, Rogers and Fido in Canada, T-Mobile, Vodaphone, TIM, Claro, and many others.

Ziphone is available for iPhone owners on either Mac OS or Windows. Ziphone developers claim that the tool is quite comprehensive, while boasting it to be “so easy a caveman can do it”. Tags:, Posted in. Apple formally adopted a new web design framework at the end of last week’s WWDC conference, accounts say. Although the session was guarded with high security and a non-disclosure agreement, information has reportedly emerged on for, an existing, open-source JavaScript framework based on Cocoa. The technology addresses deficiencies in exploiting JavaScript, which is often used only for launching simple behaviors such as animations. While Flash is already able to provide more advanced functions, this is said to require running code in a plug-in distinct from browsers; it is similarly a proprietary Adobe format, meaning that companies like Apple must wait for versions to appear for different platforms.

Most famously the company has complained about the lack of a full-function plug-in that nevertheless addresses the power needs of the iPhone. Tags:, Posted in,. Apple has begun restricting the supported browsers for the iDisk storage component of.Mac, reports say. Where the service once supported virtually any standard browser, public iDisk access is now officially limited to Safari 1.3 or Firefox 1.0.4 or later, though people can still visit using the likes of Camino (which uses Firefox’s Gecko technology) or Opera 9.5. Browsers include OmniWeb, and more crucially, the recent Firefox 3 release candidates, The MacObserver noted. The is due to release on Tuesday. Tags:, Posted in,.

The little utility that gets all of those funky symbols, accents, and other special characters into your documents without having to remember arcane key codes, has been updated to version 4 for Mac. PopChar has been around for over 20 years and is a favorite of editors and designers. To type a special character, you click on a P in the menu bar and a list of characters appears. Selecting the character you want drops it into your current document.


Cgtalk Houdini 9.5 Public Beta Available For Mac

Listed building consent applications for mac. Sure, you could always use Apple’s Character Palette tool, but it’s slow, and difficult to search for a special character in a particular font. Tags:, Posted in.