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Student Computing Labs - List of lab locations, number of seats and hours. View lab availability, open computers (Windows or Mac) and more while on the go. Oct 18, 2018 - Math. LC-200 (Math open lab) Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. Friday: 10 a.m. Saturday/Sunday: Closed. LC-200C (Math Mac lab). Open lab hours for macys. Open Lab Hours for Mac Lab. By taucole| Published August 19, 2018. Hours available to students for Mac Lab located in the Dept. Of Art annex, room 106A. Open Lab Schedule. Open Labs - Spring 2017. Open 2/7/17 - 5/5/17. We do not allow PRINTING of any kind during Open Lab time. All printing of projects. Computer Labs, Computer Hours. Thanksgiving Break Lab Hours. Allendale Campus Fall Lab Hours. Calder Art Center (Mac only) 703, 1310 and 1312. Are located in the following areas and are available during the building's open hours.

General Questions What resources can I access from home? Just about all our eResources are available from home, with the exception of Ancestry Library, FindMyPast AU/NZ/Ireland, and FindMyPast UK (these are only available on our library computers).


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Overdrive is our most popular source of eBooks and eAudiobooks, and offers a range of options for getting started with different devices, including Android and iOS devices, eReaders (not Kindle), Mac computers, Windows computers, Chromebooks and MP3 players.

I get a message that I can't access an eResource because my library card is blocked, why is this? Some eResources may not be accessed if you have over a certain amount owing on your library card, just as you can't borrow physical items if your card is blocked. We recommend getting in touch via email and we will do our best to help - I'm being asked for my PIN to access a resource - what will this be? Generally this will be your surname - we usually ask sites we subscribe to to change their labelling of this field to reflect that what you're actually being asked for is your surname, but some sites aren't able to change this messaging.

If you're still having trouble logging in (your surname isn't working to access a resource), we recommend getting in touch via email and we will do our best to help - Why is this eResource asking me to make an account? Some eResouces may ask you to create an account with them for which you may have to create a log-in and password that are separate from your library account details. An account may be necessary to allow you to:.

save your progress or scores, for example if you're learning a language. create personalised lists of favourites, e.g. Newspapers you regularly access Why am I seeing a security message with Firefox and Chrome when using eResources? Firefox and Chrome have recently made changes so that forms they consider insecure will get an alert message or a 'Not secure' notice in the address bar when filling in the form. There is no security issue when logging into Wellington City Libraries eResources, and we are working on a fix so this alert will no long appear on our site. Alternatively you could use a different web browser.

Getting started with eBooks & eAudiobooks - what do I need to know? We have two main suppliers of eBooks and eAudiobooks - Overdrive and BorrowBox. These two sources have different strengths: Overdrive is our more popular service, has more content, and is a good option to get started with. BorrowBox has a lot of Australian content, and is more heavily skewed towards eAudiobooks, but has some eBooks too. Together, they provide access to a good range of material.

Please note: none of our eBook options work with Kindle eReaders. We recommend: start with Overdrive's Libby app (see below), and then try BorrowBox if you'd like access to more content. Overdrive / Libby is our most popular source of eBooks and eAudiobooks, and offers a with different devices, including Android and iOS devices, eReaders (not Kindle), Mac computers, Windows computers, Chromebooks and MP3 players. ( Extensive and detailed help is available at the link below — this is the best place for getting started.) For iOS and Android, Overdrive offers two different apps - the original Overdrive app, and the more user friendly Libby app. We recommend Libby (see details on the linked at the top of the page). BorrowBox has more eAudiobooks than eBooks, but is still a great content source. How many items on BorrowBox can I borrow at one time?

You can borrow 15 eBooks and 15 eAudiobooks at any one time. Items that are checked out have a three week loan period. Please note that holds count towards your limit, e.g.

For example you may have five eBook holds which means you can only borrow ten further eBooks. You can see how many titles you have checked out and your reserves in the right hand side of the page when you are logged in. Further details such as dates for return are available beneath Active Loans/Reserves in your My Account page. Apps for Android and iOS BorrowBox offers apps for Android and iOS devices:. How do I reset my BorrowBox App?

IOS Navigate to the Settings tab, go to the Account Details section and press the Reset button. Please note that all current downloads will be lost. You will then be asked to sign in again. Android Press the Menu button at the top right of the screen or on some devices below the screen and select Account Details. On the following screen select the Reset App option. Downloading eAudiobook files in parts If you are on mobile data or have selected a large eAudiobook to download, you may want to use the option of downloading in parts, and just download the initial few parts you plan to listen to on the go.

Windows/Mac Desktop options eAudiobook files can also be directly downloaded and transferred to MP3 players via a desktop computer. To download an eAudiobook to your desktop you only require a media manager or media device that is MP3 compatible. Most computers already have these installed. For example most Windows computers have Windows Media Player or VLC player and Mac computers will have iTunes. To download eBooks to a desktop computer (PC/Mac), you will require. For eAudiobooks - What is a.zip file and how to I unzip it?

A.zip file is a file that has been compressed to reduce its size making it quicker to download. To unzip your downloaded audiobook depends on what system you are using: PC - Locate your downloaded eAudiobook folder, right click and select 'Extract All' then follow the prompts to finish unzipping. MAC- Locate your eAudiobook folder, then double click to unzip. For MAC users we reccomend using Safari as your internet browser as unzipping occurs automatically. For those running the latest MAC OS, depending on your settings the eAudiobook may automatically populate into iTunes. Remember your eAudiobook folder will be located where you have set up your internet browser to download to (Downloads, Desktop etc). How do I play my BorrowBox eAudioBook on a desktop computer?

In order to listen to your eAudiobook in a Media Manager, you need to ensure that you have extracted (unzipped - see the instructions above) the files. For Windows Media Player: open Windows Media Player then drag and drop extracted folder into the main window of Windows Media Player. To find your eAudiobook, make sure you are in the Music Library of Windows Media Player, then click on Album and scroll down to the corresponding first letter of the title. Please note if the title has a prefix like 'The', it will be sorted by the second word of the title.

For iTunes: open iTunes then drag and drop the extracted folder into your Music library To download an ebook to PC/Mac Make sure that you have installed Adobe Digital Editions. If you haven't installed this software yet, please visit the download page and follow the installation instructions provided. On first launch of Adobe Digital Editions click on Help Authorize Computer. In the following screen choose Adobe ID from the dropdown menu and enter your Adobe ID and password. If you don't have an Adobe ID yet please click on the Create an Adobe ID link on the right hand side or visit the Adobe login website and click on Get an Adobe ID.

On the download page press the Download eBook button. When you get a pop-up dialogue box asking you whether you would like to Open, Run or Save, make sure that you select Open With and choose Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions will then import the eBook file and you can find it in the Borrowed section on the left side.

To transfer an eBook to an eReader device Attach your eReader device to your computer. It should appear in Adobe Digital Editions in the list on the left side. Now just drag the eBook onto the device. PressReader How do I access PressReader?

To read PressReader newspapers, you will need your library barcode number and your surname. In the browser:. Use your library card details to access the website. Once on the PressReader site, you'll need to log in to the site itself again so it can create your PressReader account. Again, this uses your library card details:. Click 'Sign in' in the top right-hand corner. Click on the 'Library and Group' button.

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In the 'Select Library' box that pops up, search for 'Wellington City Libraries' Click on our Library logo to select this as your library. Enter your Library card number, and your surname as your 'PIN', and click the 'Sign in' button. When prompted to set up an account, enter your details so that you can save favourite newspapers and magazines.

Alternatively you can choose 'No Thanks' and not set up an account. Apps for Android and iOS: You can download the app for Android and iOS devices below:. How do I add my library login to the app? Once you've installed the app, open it up and follow these steps:.

Click the sign in button in the top left corner. Select the 'Library Card' option. Search for 'Wellington City Libraries' Click to select us as your library. Enter your Library card number, and your surname as your 'PIN', and click the 'Sign in' button (also tick the 'Stay signed in' checkbox to save your login) Downloading issues inside of the app to read offline You can browse publications under the 'Publications' tab, and choose titles/issues to download. Once you've downloaded issues of magazines or newspapers, these will appear in the app under the 'Downloads' tab. Under 'Publications', you can also choose to select titles by Country, Category, Languages or Type (Magazine or Newspaper). RBDigital Magazines (formerly Zinio) To borrow eMagazines in, you will need your library barcode number and your PIN.

Once you're a library member, visit RBdigital and create an account with them:. Visit. Click 'Create new account' in the top right-hand corner. Enter your barcode number. Enter your details and click 'Create account'. You will receive a welcome email to confirm the account has been created. Return to the RBdigital website and click on the cover of the eMagazine you would like to read.

Click 'Check out'. Click 'Start reading' to read online or download the RBdigital app (see links below) to read the magazine offline.

Download apps. User guides. ComicsPlus offers both browser-based reading options, and iOS and Android apps for many comics and graphic novels. Where can I download apps for Android and iOS to read my comics offline?. What are the borrowing limits and loan periods?

There's no limit to the number of titles you can take out through ComicsPlus, and comics are made available for 7 days. Why can't I register outside of the library?

New registrations are currently unavailable outside the library. We are working on fixing this as soon as possible. In the meantime, visit any of our library branches, and hop on a library computer or our free wifi to register for ComicsPlus. Once you've completed this step, you will be able to use ComicsPlus outside of the library. How do I register and set up my account?. Click on the 'ComicsPlus' link through our eLibrary and enter your library card number and your last name.

Once ComicsPlus is open click on 'Register'. After registering for the first time with email and password, click 'Sign in'. Enter your registered email and password, then choose Wellington City Libraries from the drop down menu - Sign In. You can now browse by publisher, new material and popular titles or search by author and title. When you've found your comic, click on the cover and choose 'Check out' Check out button. From here, go to 'My Comics' and click on 'Read Now' from your book shelf of waiting comics.

Lynda.com Lynda.com is asking me for my 'library PIN' - what is this? Your Library PIN will be your surname. How to set up the Mobile App for Lynda.com. On your device search for Lynda.com app and download:. Open the app and Click on Already a member?. Select the Organization tab then scroll down to Web Portal and enter wcl.govt.nz then click Log in. A browser should automatically open on the page where you need to enter you Library Card and pin.

Click Log in. The app will either open automatically or you may get the option to open the app 'Lynda.com' Contact us If you're still having problems using our eLibrary resources, please fill out our and we will do our best to help.