Become A London Black Cab Drivers For Mac

(Picture: Getty) Whether you’ve visited London or live here, chances are you’ve taken an iconic black cab. Alamat convert dari youtube ke mp3 free download for mac. It’s become synonymous with the capital and its drivers are considered to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to London’s streets. But with the likes of Uber now running the scene, the black cab industry has significantly suffered due to the low costs of its competition.

  1. Become A London Black Cab Drivers For Mac

Sep 25, 2017 - Uber has become a core part of London's busy transport system. In 2015 black cab drivers claimed Uber was using a meter, The only carriers.

On top of that, there’s a huge gender gap in the industry, with only 2% of London’s black cab drivers being female. One of them is Stella Wood who’s been in the trade for 16 years. Here she tells us what life as a London female black cab driver is really like. (Picture: Stella Wood) Life as a female cabbie Stella received her licence in 2001 and since then has been driving passengers all around London. She generally goes out in the evenings, usually starting her shift any time between 5pm or 6pm and working till about 12am to 2am. But with working late comes the added risk of not knowing who will walk through her door. ‘I don’t ever feel frightened working on nights as people are usually fine but I have had a few awkward passengers,’ she said.

‘I make sure I lock the cab doors but if they’re already inside, I just stop and ask them if they could kindly leave the taxi and look for another one. ‘It’s usually people who are following the route on their sat nav and they see me taking a different route, maybe because there’s less traffic etc. And they get annoyed. ‘Or you’ll get the usual drunk and rowdy passengers.’. Advertisement Stella, whose two children are now aged 30 and 27, says the reason why there’s less female black cab drivers out there is because of the length of time it takes to do the Knowledge. She said: ‘It takes a certain level of commitment to dedicate three years of your life to do it. And if the women have children, it’s the wife who usually brings up the kids, so it’s a lot harder for them to find the time.

‘I survived because I started when my oldest was 12 and I’d study while he was at school. When I got my licence, I would then do split shifts. ‘I’d go out when my kids went to school and then I’d come back when they finished. I would take them to their activities and then go out a few hours later in the evening.’ Fulfilment ‘I really enjoy the fact that I’m self employed, so I don’t need to stick to a strict routine. This is the freedom this job has given me. ‘But it’s a job at the end of the day and I see it as a job.

‘Our trade’s future is so uncertain, so I personally wouldn’t recommend anybody taking three years to study the knowledge. ‘Because who knows what’s going to happen in the future? TFL may even scrap it entirely.’. Advertisement ‘It’s good if you want flexibility but I wouldn’t rely upon this as your main job because it’s changing.

Become A London Black Cab Drivers For Mac

It’s becoming harder to make a sustainable living out of it. ‘There isn’t enough core passengers to keep us all in work and those numbers are going to be dwindling as the years go. Even private hire offices are struggling.’ MORE: Competition Discussing the competition black cab drivers face, Stella said: ‘Uber has had an extreme effect on our business. We just can’t compete on prices. It’s not a level playing field anymore. ‘Our prices are set by TfL, our vehicles are more expensive to run, we’ve had a lot more training.

‘I wouldn’t become an Uber driver out of principle. I don’t think you’d find a black cab driver who would. They’re the competition and we’ve had a lot of problems with a lot of their drivers.’ More.