Badgedesigner Id Card Software Program For Mac

  1. Badgedesigner Id Card Software Program For Mac

Recommended Products The advent of has made traditional cut-and-paste methods of badge-making obsolete. New software programs, designed specifically for the task of creating high-quality ID badges, simplify the process while offering end-users flexibility along with a wide variety of powerful security options. Attributes of ID Badge Software Ease-of-Use ID card software programs are designed with the user in mind. The software is intuitive, allowing even new users to move smoothly through the process of generating secure ID badges without difficulty. Custom Design Features Create custom IDs in mere minutes. Most badge software programs give you the option of choosing from existing templates, or creating your own custom card design. The software allows you to effortlessly place photos, graphics, logos, electronic signatures, barcodes, and a range of other security features directly into your design with a few simple mouse clicks.

Security Options Today’s ID badges are capable of containing a significant amount of information. ID card software enables users to determine what types of security features should be incorporated to best meet the needs of their desired ID card solutions. Available features include:.

Barcoding. Magnetic stripe encoding. Holographic overlaminate. Smart card technology.

Badgedesigner Id Card Software Program For Mac


Badge Software at BEST prices & FREE Shipping. Works with any ID card printer; Choose from PC or Mac software. AlphaCard ID Suite card design and database software is a powerful and user- friendly ID card program designed to meet. This program reads and writes value to the value block and shows users how to connect, select a card and login to the card sector. Also, the Increment and Decrement Functions are intended for ease of use when the data to be written on a block is a numerical value that will later on be used in a computation. Anybody can print ID cards with a Magicard Pronto. Power it up, install its easy to use driver, drop the dye film in and you are ready to go. Combine it with TrustID Classic and you have an instant solution that could have you printing identity cards in minutes.

Proximity and RFID card technology. Biometrics (such as fingerprint capture). and more Easy Integration and Database Support Most ID card software systems are capable of supporting a variety of existing database programs, allowing for easy data management and record selection.

Powerful tools such as database editing and filtering are also available. ID card software programs are compatible with badge printers from a number of different manufacturers. When selecting your software, check to make sure that it’s compatible with the printer you plan on using, and that together, they form a system capable of creating ID badges with the features and functions you require.

AlphaCard offers powerful from a variety of industry leaders. There are no products matching the selection.

Features. PRINT IN SECONDS: This intuitive software enables you to quickly print ID cards and security tags with professional designs. The dozens of features are simple to navigate. PRE MADE TEMPLATES: Choose from a wide selection of readymade designs for your identification & company cards. Drag and drop the elements you want in seconds.

UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE: This program works with any Windows (Vista forward) & MAC OSX. It also works with Magicard Pronto, Enduro, Rio Pro, Fargo and our printers. LIFETIME SUPPORT AND LICENSE: Our licensing security uses a physical USB 'dongle' to install on as many workstations as you please. We also offer lifetime help & support. BRONZE EDITION: Includes all the basics for ID design & printing; predefined templates, signature acquisition, 1D Barcodes, WIA/TWAIN & Direct Show acquisition, & Magnetic encoding.

What is badgeDesigner? This ID card software for a Mac or PC that provides for designing and printing employee identity cards, visitor passes, access control cards, and similar. This powerfully designed software comes in tiered editions with a wide range of features ensuring the maximum requirements of your employee ID program are served. With BadgeDesigner you no longer need to outsource graphic design or layout to manage confusing employee ID card needs. With BadgeDesigner software, creating and printing professional-quality, branded identity cards is easy and cost-effective. Features & Specifications - BadgeDesigner ID card printing design software comes with PC and Mac compatible code - Easily create employee ID cards, access control cards, visitor passes and more - Magnetic bar-code encoding capabilities -requires printer with mag-encoder - Create card templates for consistent badge printing - Simplified image treatment and card encoding - Full setup on a USB security dongle - Group and user login management Choose from 5 Editions: Bronze: comes with the basic features for ID design and ID printing. It includes predefined templates, signature acquisition, 1D Barcodes, WIA/TWAIN and Direct Show acquisition as well as magnetic encoding.

Badgedesigner Id Card Software Program For Mac

Silver: adds, among other features, QR codes,.XLS,.CSV and.TXT database connection, Database View and Link Image to DB field. Gold: adds, among other features, local MS Access connection, Photo on database, Face-crop tool for face recognition and 2D barcodes.

Platinum: adds ODBC connection, RFID Contactless direct encoding, Smartcard plugin, Multi-Layout card designs, Conditional printing, Operation Logs and many more! Diamond: adds advanced features like DESFire, Web Print Server and Net License up to 16 PCs.