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  1. Apprentice Dental Nurse Provide efficient and reliable chair-side support to practice clinicians. The role will also require working in other areas of the practice such as reception, dealing with patient queries, answering the phone, taking payments, and booking appointments.
  2. The dental nurse works within the dental team to provide oral healthcare. As an apprentice dental nurse you will come into close contact with patients of all ages who may be anxious and in need of support and reassurance.

With company ratings & salaries. 30 open jobs for Trainee Dental Nurse in Warrington. Trainee Dental Nurse. MAC Dental Centre – Macclesfield, England.

Nurse Apprentice Jobs

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Your employee will study for a qualification at SCQF level 7 in Dental Nursing. Entry requirements There are no set entry requirements for this apprenticeship. Progression and development After completing this apprenticeship, dental nurses could progress onto a range of careers in the sector. This includes:. Dental hygienist/therapist.

Dental technician, including clinical dental technician and maxillofacial technician. Dental health educators/oral health promotion officers.

Dental practice managers and receptionists. Maxillofactial prosthetists and technologists. How much will it cost? Training We will contribute towards the training costs, paying the training provider directly in incremental payments throughout the course of the apprenticeship. Use the contribution tables to work out the funding level for this framework: An enhanced funding contribution is paid for employees who are aged 16 – 19. For those who are disabled and care-experienced, this is extended up to and including age 29.


Speak to a range of training providers to find the best deal and agree on a flexible approach which will meet the needs of your business. Salary Like any other employee of your business, you’ll pay the Modern Apprentice's wages.

This is not set by SDS, but we do encourage all employees to pay the living wage. Remember, you must pay at least the.

Reference Number: ST0113 Details of standard The funding band for this standard has been reviewed as part of the apprenticeship. The new funding band is £6000 and will be implemented for all new starts on 1 January 2019. Occupation Dental nurse Occupational Profile The Dental Nurse role complements the role of other dental professionals. One of the primary roles is to provide chair side support to dental professionals and deliver a high level of patient care.

Dental Nurses may work in a variety of clinical environments and the Apprenticeship reflects all aspects of clinical responsibilities and duties of a dental nurse’s role and will provide the apprentice with the relevant qualification to apply to the General Dental Council (GDC) for professional registration as a dental nurse. Dental Nurses are registered professional and work within the standards and scope of practice defined by the GDC Scope of Practice document (Sept 2013) Competencies Knowledge - The Dental Nurse will have knowledge of: Dental and regional anatomy A thorough understanding of dental / oral anatomy and physiology Respiratory and circulatory systems How to recognise the range and functions of normal human structures Health promotion and disease prevention The basic principles of a population health care approach, including oral and general health care. Factors that can affect oral and general health care. Clear understanding of the role of dental professionals and healthcare teams during the delivery of health promotion. The delivery of oral health care information and preventive information which encourages patient self-care and motivation Transmission of infectious diseases and their prevention The potential routes of transmission of infectious agents in a dental environment and mechanisms for the prevention of infection.

The scientific principles of decontamination and disinfection and relevance to health and safety and current best practice guidelines Materials, equipment and resources Commonly used dental materials and equipment and their uses and applications. Correct usage, handling, storage and disposal of materials and equipment in accordance with workplace and legislative requirements.

How to select correct equipment, materials and instruments for all stages during general chair side procedures Medical Emergencies The role of the first aider and understanding of equipment, record keeping, recommended good practice and maintaining hygiene throughout. Recognise and support action to deal with medical emergencies Legislative compliance and regulatory requirements The appropriate Health and Safety guidance related to the dental environment and equipment, and how to follow these, including maintenance requirements of equipment and resources. Current legislative and statutory requirements relating to personal information, including the recording, storage and protection of personal information. The Dental team and GDC guidelines A thorough understanding of the role and responsibilities of the Dental Nurse and other Dental Care Professionals involved in patient management. Legal and ethical responsibilities involved in protecting and promoting the health of individual patients Communication The methods of communicating with patients, the dental team and members of the wider health care sector Self-Management Understand principles relating to evidence based approaches to learning, clinical and professional practice and decision making.

Know consequences of own professional actions, attitudes and behaviours and effects on the dental team, the workplace and public opinion. How to assess own capabilities and limitations in the interest of providing high quality patient care; seeking and using feedback from colleagues or supervisors where appropriate Skills - The Dental Nurse will be able to: Health Promotion Advise patients on oral health maintenance. Support members of the dental health care team in the delivery of health care advice and preventative support. Recognise and comply with national guidance and best practice, and acknowledging local health initiatives. Clinical skills Prepare and maintain the clinical environment before, during and after dental procedures. Prepare records, equipment and resources for all stages of treatment including dental radiography.

Work in a safe and efficient manner. Undertake audits, testing and maintenance of equipment and maintain appropriate records to reflect this. Manage and perform effective decontamination and infection control procedures complying with legislative, local and current best practice guidelines. Provide chair side support to the operator during clinical dental procedures.

Student Nurse Apprentice Program

Prepare, mix and handle dental materials in correct manner whilst ensuring manufactures requirements for storage, usage and disposal are facilitated. Record dental charting and oral tissue assessment carried out by other Registrants. Patient Care Recognise and comply with systems and processes to support safe patient care. Recognise and take into account the needs of different patients throughout the patient care process.

Contribute to obtaining and recording patient clinical history Monitor, support and reassure patients throughout all aspects and processes. Give appropriate patient advice in relation to their needs and treatment plan. Patient Management Put patients’ interests first and act to protect them. Act as an advocate for patients’ where appropriate. Communicate with colleagues in relation to the direct care of individuals.


Demonstrate safe, prompt and effective first aid in emergency situations Support patients and colleagues in event of medical emergency. Discuss the health risks of diet, drugs and substance misuse and the use of substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs on oral and general health. Professionalism Act without discrimination, show integrity and be trustworthy at all times. Be respectful of patients’ dignity and choices. Management Skills Manage own performance and development. Manage the clinical environment within own scope of practice. Recognise and comply with the team working requirements in the Scope of Effectively manage own time and resources.

Communication Skills Communicate with the dental team in relation to the direct care of the individual. Implement correct methods of communication for spoken, written and electronic records. Have open and effective communication methods with patients and the dental team. Health Promotion Advise patients on oral health maintenance. Support members of the dental health care team in the delivery of health care advice and preventative support.

Apprentice Dental Nurse For Macular Degeneration

Recognise and comply with national guidance and best practice, and acknowledging local health initiatives. Clinical skills Prepare and maintain the clinical environment before, during and after dental procedures. Prepare records, equipment and resources for all stages of treatment including dental radiography. Work in a safe and efficient manner. Employers involved in creating the standard: Genix Healthcare, 211 Dental, 543 Dental Care Centre Ltd, Azam & Associates Healthcare Ltd, Bupa Dental Services, Den Dental Group Practices Ltd, Integrated Dental Holdings, Oasis Healthcare Ltd, Rodericks Dental, Smile Care Group, Acodent Dental Laboratory, Aesthetic Dental Laboratory, Bremandent Premier (Bristol) Ltd, CosTech Elite, Knight Dental Design, Optimum Dental Laboratories, PDS Dental Laboratory, A S Harrison Lab Ltd, S4S (UK) Ltd, Sparkle Dental Labs.