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  1. Apple Details Siri For Machine Learning

All information is protected using CloudKit end-to-end encryption, and while phrases are sent to Siri's servers for speech recognition, Apple does not receive the contents of created shortcuts. Most of us are familiar with American Siri's dulcet tones but did you know that a local version of Apple's handsfree assistant was waiting to misunderstand. Opinion I don't expect every new feature of every new Apple device to be tentpole-quality, but since Siri on the Mac has been largely yawn-inducing, 'Hey Siri' on the Mac is all but pointless.


Thursday, October 18th, 2018 Author: Back in the good old days, Apple used to include a little remote control with certain models. It wasn’t much, but it did allow Mac owners to control media that was playing on their computers or control Keynote presentations. That remote hasn’t been part of Mac packaging for a while, but it is possible to use your Apple TV Siri Remote with your Mac to control a lot of different things. In this Quick Tip, we’ll show you what you can do thanks to one little third-party app.

SiriMote The secret sauce in this tip is a free app called. It was created by Matthias Gansrigler, a Mac and iOS developer who runs a company called. The latest version of SiriMote requires at least OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) or newer, and a Mac with Bluetooth 4.0. You can download the app from the website by clicking the link above; Apple won’t allow it in the Mac App Store since SiriMote uses an API that doesn’t work in the OS X “Sandbox”. After downloading the app, simply drag it from the Downloads folder (or any other folder you may use to hold downloaded files) into the Applications folder.

Pairing the Siri Remote with your Mac Launch SiriMote, and then you’re ready to set up the Apple TV Siri Remote to work with your Mac. Note (see screenshot below) that you’ll need to turn off and unplug your Apple TV, because you want to pair with a completely new device — not your Apple TV.

(The Siri Remote is listed with a hexadecimal number and a Connect button.) You’ll also see a dialog requesting that you make some changes to the Security & Privacy settings for Accessibility in order to let SiriMote control the Mac. It’s a simple process and you’ll be instructed on how to do it. Using SiriMote and the Siri Remote to Control your Mac At this point, your Siri Remote is able to start controlling your Mac. SiriMote helpfully displays a screen showing how the buttons on the remote are mapped for playing music or video media. It also describes how to re-pair the remote with the Apple TV once done using it with your Mac. Recent Posts. Macs last a long time.

Apple Details Siri For Machine Learning


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