Anatomy And Physiology

Physiology Has Latin Roots The Latin root physio- generally means 'physical', so human physiology deals with just about everything that keeps us alive and working, and other physiology specialties do the same for other animals and for plants. To do anything serious in the field of health, you've obviously got to know how the body's organs and cells function normally. Physiology used to be considered separately from anatomy, which focuses on the body's structures; however, it's now known that structure and function can't easily be separated in a scientific way, so 'anatomy and physiology' are often spoken of in the same breath. Recent Examples on the Web In just over two weeks, the crew performed a dizzying array of experiments in psychology, physiology, human factors (such as making sure human bodies work with the spacecraft and systems), medicine and much more. — For example, reproductive physiology varies widely even among related animals. — Strauss did postdoctoral research in physiology at Washington from 1968-70, taught at Hawaii from 1972-74 and did one year of medical residency at Rutgers from 1974-75, according to those schools.


Sep 17, 2018 - Understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body systems: cardiovascular, lymphatic and excretory.

— Their classes focus on basic science, the drug's physiology, molecular biology and chemistry. — The two professors worked with a colleague who had expertise in psychology and physiology, Joseph Tecce, to create the hardware and software.

— Over the past several decades, researchers from a mix of backgrounds—nutrition, psychology, physiology among them—have tested a variety of different diets in short- and long-term settings. — Now, one’s physiology is not a map for one’s psychology.

— Nevertheless, the problem of mismatched physiologies remains, and many physicians are understandably nervous about calculating the right dosages. — These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'physiology.'

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